Final: Animal Testing and Product Experimentation Essay

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Animal experimentation should be abolished because vast amounts of animals are used for experiments and research each year. Approximately one hundred million animals are used in research and experimentation around the world. Of these, a little over twenty million animals are experimented on and killed eventually, due to the side effects of the experiment. Alternative for animal experimentation is greatly needed because extraordinary amounts of animals are unfairly used to find the answer scientist may or may not be looking in their research. Many world- wide scientists are using various amounts of animal for product experimentation and teaching techniques. However, researchers should come up with a more eco-friendly and environmental way to do their researches. By becoming more eco- friendly and environmental scientists would use non-animal techniques for testing out their product.
Numerous amounts of manufacturers, researchers and scientists obtain animals for product experimentation. The manufacturers’ main goal is to test for potential harmful side effects that may occur in a human being that would use the precise product. Considerable treatments and products are typically tested on animals before they are released for humans to consume and use for themselves. All types of animals have been used in this specific research for over two thousand years, according to the American council on science and health, “Differences in physiology and anatomy between humans and mice, rats, and other species often make it difficult to apply animal results confidently and directly to human health. Animal testing should not be viewed as sufficient, in the absence of additional supporting data, to predict risk to humans.” Because animals and humans have two completely different cell structure and body set up, testing on animals is truly unnecessary due to difference of the body type. “Laboratory animals have been used to determine whether chemicals in food, pharmaceutical, and other products might cause cancer or other health problems in human beings; and animal testing continues to play a role in determining the safety of products for human use “(Fox). Animals are also currently being used to test household cleaners, make-up, shampoo and many other products. Rats and mice are often used because they quickly grow into adulthood; white rabbits are also a commonly used animals for product experimentation, because irritating substances such as the test *** does not wash out of their eyes easily. The rabbits are often placed into a box, or held by metal band so they cannot move either heads. “Wanting to test the effects if a substance on breathing, the researchers may place a rabbit in a closed container or face them to breathe through a tube.” (Woods). While many companies test on animals, there are some cruelty-free make-up lines such as Aveda, the Body Shop, and Kiss My Face” (Balkin) On March 11, 2009, the European Union banned cosmetics and personal- product companies from testing their product on animals for things like skin irritancy, sensitivity to light and acute toxicity. “Toxicity testing using animals plays an essential role in the development of drugs, industrial and agricultural chemicals, consumer products, food additives, and cosmetics. When properly conducted and interpreted, animal testing will continue to be a valuable source of information on the potential toxicity of chemicals to humans”(Balcombe). Trying to sort out the ethical boundaries for certain researches, the United States created a set of federal guideline.
Animals are also used to teach health workers and students, and in some occasions for government testing. Frogs, worms, grasshoppers, unborn pigs, dogs, cats, mice, rats and many other animals are all used to teach body structure. About six million animals are killed so they can be dissected in American schools. The animals are also used to teach health workers to care for