The Impact Of Rock Lobsters In Australia

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What is the main issue presented in the media report?

Discuss what has actually happened:

The government of China has declared the ban on the import of rock lobsters from Australia but they didn’t stop import from New Zealand and South Africa. There is no explanation given by Chinese government to Australian government on this import ban. The 95 percent of rock lobsters were caught in the Tasmania water was exported to Hong Kong and china. In addition, the Tasmania is the biggest spot for capturing rock lobsters and lots of fishermen were live there. After the ban on rock lobsters the trading price of the rock lobsters is decreasing by 45 dollars to 25 dollars. The article writes that it is the Christmas gift from china to Australia because it is happened before Christmas.

Highlight the reason for issue being raised:

There are two main reasons for issue being raised and they are following.

To avoid high tariffs:
The first reason is to crack down on how to export to china to avoid high tariffs. The government of Australia exports the rock lobsters via Hong Kong to Mainland China because Hong Kong is tax-free. Australia has utilized the technique to export rock lobsters via Hong Kong because it is the cheaper way than traded directly to Mainland China.

Shows the power:
The Chinese government displays the power of the country to Australian government. It is thought that the Chinese government shows their position to Australia by this decision and makes it simple to do negotiations in the future.

Outline what possible impacts this change could have:

The most of the fisherman in Tasmania are unemployed and may be they think about change their profession.
Over supply of lobsters in Australia that caused falls in price of lobsters.
Scarcity in china that cause the high demand of rock lobsters and rise in price.
It affects the trade relation between china and Australia.

Who are the key stakeholders that are impacted by the issue outlined in the report?

Include a discussion of all groups that may be impacted by the issue raised in this report:

There are five key stakeholders who are impacted by the ban on rock lobsters and they are following:

Australian government: Australian GDP will fall by import ban from china on rock lobsters. The Australian government may use the other alternative market for export of rock lobsters.

Chinese government: The Chinese government loss there tariffs revenue on rock lobsters because of the ban. This loss money affected on their tax revenue to spend money for the country infrastructure or more.

Australian fisherman: The most impacted stakeholder after the ban is Australian fisherman. As already listed earlier, Tasmania is the largest spot for catching rock lobsters and the many fisherman were live there. After the ban they loose their income source from fishing and may be they thinking about changing the profession. This impact may raise the unemployment rate in Australia.

Australian consumer: The Australian consumers are given the positive impact for the ban on rock lobsters because of the over supply the price is decreasing. So they enjoying the lobsters on lower price. Chinese consumer: After the ban, there is shortage in supply and the quantity demand is high for the rock lobsters, which increase the price rate to high. So the Chinese consumers are paying more for rock lobsters.

Highlight what you believe the main impacts will be and outline who you believe will be impacted most:

I believe that the major impact will be on the fisherman of the Australia because many fishermen whose income source is fishing can affect most after the ban. Australia has mostly exported the lobsters from Tasmania water and lots of fishermen are live there. They will loose their work because they cannot catch the lobsters after this prohibition from china and then they are forced into condition that they must to thinking about changing their jobs. In other words, this is due to the rise in the