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Philanthropy covers a wider concept, which includes charity but also integrate private giving for public purposes. In this article it shows ‘Money’- as philanthropic component is being used for donations. In recent trends of philanthropy, Edwards mentioned- it is the philanthropists, who are considering giving as social investment. It is becoming the market oriented and business issue now. We know that philanthropy is treated as ‘love to people’ but money is being treated as very important element in the society. This new philanthropy is now in the centre of discussion of distribution and accountability.
In this article Michael Edwards raised the question: can money ever foster social transformation? He urged about new trends of philanthropy that is ‘new philanthropy’- which is connected with market relationships into the society and impact of money on civil society, government and control over institutions. He also mentioned some problems and explored criticisms regarding this new approach. Wellbeing is important here, but whom to give and who is deciding for what- is the issue which are creating problems. So he told about an alternative approach of philanthropy. According to the writer, ‘money’ has become the powerful element to dominate or making business of philanthropy but it should be ‘love’. M. Behrooz (2012) shows how the giant philanthropist influencing government policy and for advertising on behalf of their policy and works they use international media and researchers. They don’t think about the effect of their biased decisions even.

This article is for two types of reader: one is who integrating increasingly philanthropy into his work and who are expert- this discussion of new philanthropy, its impact and alternatives are very much important for them. Yet philanthropist are frustrated in some cases about the output of their goals (G. Allen et al, 2013).

This article is very much related with the course Issues in Development Theory. International development consists of such donation or charitable relationships. Schearer (1995) mentioned ‘Today international development is a significant global industry and the landscape of philanthropy is being shifted’. New forms of philanthropy, its influence on international politics, capitalism into philanthropy, effect of philanthropy on development and its relationship with NGOs are main concern now a days. Now market based poverty alleviation approach indicate how the business under the label of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate philanthropy exploit the poverty in developing world for their own profit and dominating them. Again- after the Second World War poverty increased in some forms in North and South. It is not possible for government alone to meet all the necessities of citizens. So philanthropy is very much necessary and key element now a days in international development arena. Furthermore, development theories can explain this issue like Neo liberalism and its impact on philanthropy is being discussed in everywhere.

It is really a great piece of work where the recent trends of philanthropy discussed and the basic question arrived- whether it is now altruism or way of business. But we know that not all the people do this for their interest. In many countries people adding their money collectively or individually for giving others. But it is a new trend to make control by this power of money of some influential donors who are actually doing business in the name of charity. So, the writer told about an alternative. But it is the powerful who always create the rules and they make it how they need it. Morvaridi B. (2012) raised some basic questions why people may give others. People who really care about giving they find the alternatives. "Philanthropy is really about people using their own money freely. That is the crucial thing" (BBC, 2011).

In this article the author used some secondary materials and some reports of