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Argument Essay: Why the Bullying should be stopped? [Name of Student]
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Argument Essay: Why the Bullying should be stopped?

Bullying has becomes one of the major issues for the present age, particularly for the teens. It is the intended action of verbally or physically hurting someone at any community place including home, school or the workplace (Wiedmer, 2011). Bullying activities often result in involving the affected into drugs, drinking and even suicidal attempts. This essay argues that bullying should be stopped because of the negative consequences it brings to the individual as well as to the society.

Bullying refers to the action of mistreating one or more persons by an individual or a group of people. Bullying may include the practice of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, non verbal behaviors such as humiliating threatening, and sabotage. As a result of bullying activity, the affected person become psychologically disturbed which results in the decreased productivity, disturbance in interpersonal relationships as a result of which the person gets involved in serious self harming behaviors such as drinking, taking drugs, and making suicide attempts. Bullying practice has been common at home, schools, colleges, workplaces, and other community places (Wiedmer, 2011). With the advent of information and communication technology at the present age, a new form of bullying, “cyber bullying” has also been introduced and practiced largely. The individuals seeking power and domination are often involved in the bullying activities, for which they develop pervasive and targeted plans.
Stopping the bullying activity at every social place is essential for ensuring a safer and healthier environment for every individual. The kids and teens are considered as one of the major target for the bullying activities. More commonly, kids face bullying issues when group of other class mates engage in the harassing, humiliating and taunting activities in front of the crowd of other children. Although highly confident children may not be impacted by the bullying activity as they have the power to resist such activity or people, mostly the children who have been the victim of bullying tend to develop the sense of lower self esteem as they had previously. This makes the affected child so depressed and frustrated that he may commit suicide (Ginnelle, 2013). Most parents do not bother to take action against the school and management until their own kid becomes the affected of similar activity. However, they need to understand that even if a child is not a direct affected of the bullying, the negative impacts of the bullying environment will affect them.
Bullying is not only harmful for the affected, but also for those who tease others; the situation becomes particularly serious if the participants of bullying activity are kids or teens. The desire for power and domination in such children which bully others, may continue even after the school finishes, and thus they will continue to create the negative environment wherever they will go (Ginnelle, 2013). Similarly, the observers of bullying event often enjoy the situation of the victim, due to which they may develop the urge for being involved in the bullying activity. This way, the bullying culture keeps on promoting at the community places and bullying becomes a never ending practice of the place. The participants of the bullying activity would also have clear influences on their future social and family life, and there is a chance that bullying habit would transfer to their future generations (Aki, 2014). Therefore, the school management should develop strict policies against the student who involve in bullying activities. This would significantly reduce the drop out as well as the suicide rates of the school ids all over the world.
The impacts of bullying are very long lasting for a person. It has been seen that the kids or teens who