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Stephen Lindsey
Ken Kulhawy
Cause and Effect Essay

As a young boy growing up I would often look up to my father because he I believed he could become best friends with anyone he met. For as long as I can remember he was a little rough around the edges, but for the most part he was a very charasmatic man and had always found a way to connect with other people whether it be talking to someone while taking a stroll around the neighborhood or simply waiting in line to buy tickets for a movie that just came out on the big screen. In fact, I remember the day of my 9th birthday both me and my father went to a cheap theater to go see a funny movie that just came out that day. We stood in a very long ticket line that hardly moved at all and to me it would seem like forever before we could even get close to get our own tickets. As I was impatiently waiting for the line to move, he some how struck up a conversation with a man who was waiting in line behind us with his kids. I didn't understand their conversation at the time but I remember be amazed at how fast my dad could talk about different subjects with little effort. What really amazed me though, was when different people slowly began to jump into their conversation. In the blink of an eye it seemed as if he had set up a perfect orchistra of music. What stood out the most to me during this perfect orchistra was seeing different people laughing and smiling from a simple phrase my father had said to another…