Essay on Final: Complaint and Boys

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Kaley Aurichio
Professor Feig
Writing 101
Week 10
Essay 5

They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky is the stories of three boys Benson, Alepho, and Benjamin. As all three of the boys go on the same journey for safety and the hope to be reunited with their family though they share the same journey they have different views and stories. The boys are all different ages and go through different experiences on the journey. Each boy is very different though sometimes it’s hard to tell which boys story you are reading. I found it easier to tell the boys apart in the beginning when they were not together but separate. Though the boys tell very similar stories they also differ in certain accepts because of their different personality.

In the beginning of the book you’re introduced to each of the boys Benson, Alepho, and Benjamin where you find out about the boys and their personalities. The voices of the boys while telling their stories differ in the beginning of the book because they all start off with a different life and your learning more about each of the boys then their personalities. As the book goes on their stories become more and more alike and it beings to be hard to tell whose story is whose. Each boy is on a very similar journey and at sometimes they are together experiencing the same things. During those time I found it very difficult to tell each boy apart I normally found myself looking back to see which boys story I was reading. The boys do have some distinguishing characteristics like for example Alehpo complained a lot “My mother always asked “ if I was not here, who you going to complain to?” I’d say, “Well I’m going to be complaining to the air you know.” (Alepho 12) So when I would hear complaining I normally would assume it was Alepho’s story. While Alepho describe Benson as “he was quite, always a good boy. He didn’t do silly things.” (Alepho 11) Benson was more serious and was a hard worker that how I could tell it was Benson