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Madison Catarius
Expository Writing 105-09 Have you ever felt like you were in a whole new world? You didn't know anyone or anything, you didn't have a clue. That was how I felt in this new atmosphere at Nichols College. It was a whole new atmosphere. I felt like I was in a different world. Moving into a new room knowing you would be living there for most of your time, playing a sport with not having a clue who anyone on the team is, or having new teachers in a classroom, that is a whole new world that I had to conquer.
When I first moved into my room I thought it was rather ugly. I didn't even have a nice view. I get to spy on people playing wiffle ball. How is that any fun? My room has white walls with I guess you could call them bricks. The two wardrobes and bureaus are put against a wall and my desk is in the corner. My roommate got to the room first so she decided where she wanted everything which I didn't really like. Her desk was right in the middle of the room with all her stuff already on it. She eventually moved out of the room because she apparently didn't like me. So I rearranged my room the way I liked it. I got a TV and I already had refrigerator and a microwave. I was already all set. I didn't mind having my own room. I am barely even in it. I was getting used to this whole college life.
My side of the room was so boring nothing was hung up, my closet was empty, and my desk had nothing on it. I eventually put Christmas lights up and hung them around the room. I put a lot of my supplies away for school into my desk and I also hung up my clothes. Most of my clothes are soccer clothes which are just shorts and t-shirts. It was cold in the room just very bland I needed to add color. I put up a painting that I did and some posters. It definitely became more homely after that. It was getting better. My roommate did move out so now I just have the room to myself and I just spread out everything. My room definitely needs some more work to it though.
I play soccer here at Nichols. Soccer has been my sport since I was five years old. To step on the grass with your laced up cleats is the best feeling in the world. Even stepping on the turf is the best feeling. The grass is so freshly cut and you can even smell the grass. The dew on the grass makes it shimmer in the bright early sunlight. It is a beautiful walking down as a team onto the smooth grass soccer field. All the other sports teams are out and about practicing and getting ready for the upcoming season. My stomach is churning, I am so nervous to step out on this field as a freshman. I need to make a name for myself. I have no one to talk to, I don't know anyone. All the upperclassmen are talking to each other asking how their summers were and what's new with their life. I can't ask that question because I don't know anyone of them. I walk down the field with some other freshman.
It is eight o'clock and sun is already glaring. The August heat is not going to be fun on this three session day. There is a slight breeze but not enough to cool the air down. There is a marsh right next to the field so the bugs are already out and about. Coach Damir talks to us and has a warm up. I love the sound of heavy breathing and the cleats on the grass. The grass is soft and damp. It is perfect. We pass around and hearing the ball bounce off of our cleats is an amazing sound. I can't imagine anything different. We are all quiet because we don't know anyone. That will change in a matter of seconds as our assistant coach comes to talk to us. The whole atmosphere of the soccer field with the players and coaches is exhilarating. We start practice. It is a whole new world and I am just a tiny speck.
On the first day of classes I was so nervous. It