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Angie Pérez
G. Gamble
1st Economic Analysis Paper
February 11, 2015
Frozen has been a very popular movie since it first showed in theaters. According to Todd Cunningham, a writer for The Wrap, in the article "Frozen Passes The Lion King With $810 Million at Global Box Office." It has been even more popular than The Lion King and Toy Story 3. Frozen has appealed to individuals of all ages, girls, and, even more shockingly, boys. But how successful has Frozen actually been? According to Cecilia King of the Washington Post, Walt Disney's profits have risen 27 percent since Frozen first showed. The Frozen product has become a big economic impact beyond just movie sales. The profits for the movie Frozen has a gross record breaking numbers. On Frozen's limited opening weekend it raised an average of $243,390 in only one theater which ranked it #22 out of 108 movies that premiered in 2013. When it opened nationwide it earned $67,391,326 in 3,742 theaters it averaged $18,009 per theater which was a total gross increase of 16.8% which ranked it #2, right behind The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, out of the top 104 movies that premiered that year. Frozen opened November 27, 2013 and closed July 17, 2014; it ran for 238 days and raised $1,274,219,009 worldwide. The domestic production was $400,738,009 which was a total of 31.4 percent gross and the foreign production was $873,481,000 which was a total of 68.6 percent. The production budget was $150 million. If you take the revenue of what Disney made on the worldwide showing of Frozen ($1,274,219,009) minus the total expenses ($150,000,000) you would get $1,124,219,009, which is what they made during the seven plus months of Frozen being in theaters. Disney took an Opportunity Cost on the movie Frozen and earned $1,124,219,009. In just the domestic gross of $400,738,009 Disney made a profit of 100 percent, which led Feld Entertainment to produce Frozen On Ice. Tickets for Frozen On Ice went on sale in May 2014, even though they didn't open their doors until September 2014. Yet in the first week they sold 700,000 tickets and sold 240,000 tickets on the first day alone. Tickets start as low as $26.75 per person on, the average price is $89 per person, and the highest ticket cost is $172 at the Barclays Center. According to Jesse Lawrence in the article "After Breaking Records At Box Office, Frozen Now Breaking Ticket Records For Disney On Ice" the Frozen On Ice ticket sales rise has made it the most successful onsale in Feld’s 45-year history. And according to Nicole Feld, the company’s executive Vice President in charge of Disney On Ice, Frozen will sell close to 3 million tickets through the remainder of it’s planned dates. It seems like the demand for Frozen On Ice tickets is at an alltime high regardless of its price. The change in quantity does not seem to be affecting Frozen On Ice whatsoever, it actually seems to be a great substitute to the Box Office movie. Frozen on Ice and Frozen in theaters are just a few of the Frozen sales that have skyrocketed in just a short period of time. Disney also opened a Frozen theme ride in the Disney Parks, located in both California and Florida. Since Disney added Frozen to their parks and resorts, the attendance and consumer spending at California and Florida's properties have risen. In the last three months of 2014, Disney parks and resorts revenues rose 9% to $3.9 billion, and that was inspite of the measles outbreak linked to Disney's Southern California Parks last month that now totals about 95 people. The consumer taste for…