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CrossFit The new fitness outburst of a program created by Greg Glassman called CrossFit has caused extreme controversy among trainers, doctors, and CrossFit gym members themselves. CrossFit is a type of workout, but in this essay I am going to focus on Crossfit gyms not only because they are the most effective way of doing CrossFit, it is also the most debatable. A CrossFit gym consists of basic equipment like kettlebells, wall balls, and pull­up bars. Trainers put together a workout of the day(WOD) and scaling options for the workout, sessions begin about every hour consisting of a group of members and a few of the gyms trainers to lead the workout. During a session movements that involve heavy weight are practiced, a warm up is performed, as well as a few mobility stretches that will help members performance during the workout. All of these things happen before the workout even starts to ensure that the members are ready and understand the workout. The workout itself lasts from 10­25 minutes, usually during this time rounds of exercises like box jumps, pull­ups, and power cleans for as many repetitions as possible(AMRAP).workouts combine functional movements, and Olympic lifts performed at a high intensity. These workouts are no doubt hard because they push athletes to the limit, but the debate is whether they are pushed too far or just far enough to reach fitness goals. I joined
CrossFit Intensify located in Springfield, Oregon over two years ago and from personal experience can say it is the best gym, and workout I could ask for. The fitness community created at each gym is unlike any other I have experienced, that alone is what motivated me

every day to come, and reach my goals. Despite critics who argue that injuries are caused during workouts, CrossFit helps people achieve fitness goals through short, intense workouts with a competitive tight­knit gym community and knowledgeable trainer. The first reason to support CrossFit is the competitive yet supportive community that
CrossFit gyms are known for. Maria Masters whose article was published in men’s fitness, says this type of competitive atmosphere has shown to be successful in boosting motivation, pain tolerance, and endorphins that help people complete workouts. Therefore in the long run fitness goals are achieved much quicker and more enjoyably with like minded people who help to push each other during each workout. During each of my workouts at a crossfit gym, I have experienced the positive effects of the CrossFit community, the cheering from other members and constant encouragement from my trainer no doubt helped to push me further than I could have pushed myself. Secondly, CrossFit workouts burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time with workouts that can be scaled in many ways for different fitness levels. “Syracuse University researchers found that reciprocal supersets (that is, paired exercises that target opposing muscle groups with limited rest) burned more calories every minute than sets of unpaired exercises with rest in between did” (Masters). This type of workout also continues to burn calories even after the workout is completed which means fat loss in the long run. Scaling options help to improve a workout’s intensity so most coaches work with each member to figure out what options will allow them to have the highest intensity. “CrossFit workouts are designed to be short, sweet, and scalable to any fitness level. Crossfitters recognize that not everyone is an elite athlete...Everyone is welcome in our community. All a person needs is a little coaching,

determination, dedication, and heart” (“CrossFit Intensify”). These facts about CrossFit make it a practical and ideal workout plan for everyone. Thirdly, Crossfit supports a healthy lifestyle inside the gym, but also outside the gym.
CrossFit believes in the Paleo Diet, which consists of meat, veggies, and…