Final: Dog and Blue Wheelers Essay

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Background Brief

The following is an advertising plan for the franchised company named Blue Wheelers; the particular franchisee that will be the focus is based in Campbelltown, NSW. Blue wheelers dog washing and groom services is an Australian company which is franchised nationwide. Blue Wheelers is a mobile grooming saloon catering for all types of dogs. The positioning of this company in the dog grooming market is quiet respected. However franchisees often find it hard to get noticed in their geographical areas. As the world gets busier and busier more people are increasingly looking for quicker and easier way to complete chores. This has presented many large openings in the market for non-essential services present the opportunity for entrepreneurs to start up their own dog grooming businesses.
Brand and Product
The brand has stated that it was found on principles of not only being the best, but also being the biggest. The aim of the company is to deliver the “best practices” in all areas related to dog grooming. It also states that it will continue to research new technologies, products and services to enhance customer and franchisee experience. The Mobile dog saloon has a unique appearance in which helps it stand out from all other competitors. An example below shows how the uniqueness of the brands trailer would help it boost not only its brand positioning, but its visibility in the public eye.

The company has an extensive range of services available; the convenience of this service is the key to its reputation.
Pre-brushing to loosen dirt
Specialist treatment shampoos
Flea rinse or whitening shampoo
Eyes and ears gently cleaned
Nails trimmed
Towel and blow dried
Doggy treat after every wash
Full body clips
Ears cleaned
All breeds; All sizes
Doggy treat after every wash

Busy clients will have luxury of choosing their appointments according to their own schedule.
Mobile service that will come to your location
Adding to the convenience the client does not need to travel anywhere for the service, as the service will come to them.
Large range of services
The client can request many dog grooming tasks and will not need to go anywhere else for other dog grooming tasks. It serves as a convenient all in one saloon
Trained professional
The client can feel safe knowing a trained professional is working on their beloved pet. The client feels trust.
High quality products
The animal will be cleaned with only the best tools and cleaning products, leaving the animal with a clean and quality ensured wash.
Have been around since 1996
The client grasps an understanding that the business has been established for a long time.
The salon has hygienic practices
Ensuring ongoing safety for clients and their pets.
The website is well designed and booking is very simple and user friendly
Customers feel much happier using a better quick service as it is easy to find and locate their nearest saloon
The iconic “big blue dog” salon
The icon has a reputation for great practices and is easily distinguishable in any area.

One of the main benefits of a mobile dog grooming service is the convenience. What could be more convenient than the groomer bringing the business to the clients preferred location. This leaves the client free to do other activities around whilst the pet is being cleaned. It is also beneficial to older animals as they are more fragile and the dog does not need to be moved around much to get to the location of the saloon. Another main point would be demand, many clients as stated previously, do not have the necessary time to groom their dogs properly, clients would rather spend extra money to have a service that comes to your door and does the job for you.

In further investigation of the soul franchisee the following information has been found, this will highlight the weaknesses and strengths of the