Youngstown Park

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English 1711
Final Draft of Descriptive Essay
Restoring Youngstown Park Youngstown Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the state of Ohio. I first moved to Ohio when I was eight years old with my parents during the fall of 1999. Since the beginning I was drawn to the park’s attraction. Every evening after school I would grab a bottle of cold fresh water and head to the park. The park was my only sanctuary where I could seek my inner peace with nature away from the small crowded city of 15000 people. Amazing creatures rove around the park; birds of all kind, fox, deer, butterflies, and so many other colorful living creatures. However, I have come to see great changes in the park. Youngstown Park has been threaten by the mass over population of people, air pollution and lack of maintenance. Around 100 to 250 visitors of all ages ranging from 3 years old to over 75 year old come to the park to enjoy and have fun. These multitudes of people are one of the major downfalls of this park and the park can’t support them. At least three to four major parties and events are held every week. The scream/cheers of the crowd people and the loud instruments of hard metal rock have terrified the animals within the park. The birds that used to sing on the green bended oak trees are nowhere to be found and the beautiful creatures are rarely seen. Moreover, with so many people who smoke a pack a day, Youngstown Park has now been polluted by thick clouds of smoke that can be seen from miles away. These thick layers of smoke clouds have greatly affected the appearance of the park. Once known for its great vibrant and colorful oak trees, has now been labeled as the smoking spot where people get high. Not only did the smokers damage the park scenery but they have also caused the health of my nephew. One afternoon, I took my nephew to the park to view the fall season scenery and to get some fresh air. However, what greeted us was not the beautiful purple reddish color of the oak trees in the fall season but thick fog like smoke that covered the beauty of the park. When we entered the park, my nephew started coughing and wheezing which started his asthma attack. His veins looked like it was about to pop off out of his skin. While my nephew was struggling to breath, I took action in calling the paramedics. As I watched him get treated by the nurse, Dr. Jackson of Children’s Hospital gave me a wise advice not to take him back to the park. He, Dr. Jackson, told me that Youngstown Park is not the same as it once used to be and that most of his patients who visited the park had some sort of asthma and allergy reaction. Furthermore, Youngstown Park faces a lack of