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Ryan Ruthrauff
Mrs. Day
English 11
26 November 2014
The Development of Communication Technology is involved in everything that we do today in the United States. Almost everything involves someone using a computer in some type of way The United States is all about evolving into bigger and better things. We want to have the best of the best and have the best technological advances. The United States has always wanted to make ways better for communicating throughout the United States. Technology is the main source in everything every human need in the world, without the right tools to make it useful for everyone how would the United States be able to function? Bill Gates generation was almost left out of all of the possibilities that could have been achieved with technology. That is what served as an inspiration for Bill Gates. Bill Gates attended Harvard in 1973 and dropped out in 1975 with a plan that would change the world forever (Bill Gates Bio). With the lack of communication and technology the United States had to face during the 1970s, Bill Gates was inspired to create Microsoft (Bill Gates Bio). From a young age, Bill Gates had a mission that every 12- year old did not have growing up. He was raised in a very poor setting and did not have every privilege a kid could have. But at a young age he saw something that could change his, and everyone in the World’s life (Bill Gates from Childhood Days). He was fascinated with the development of technology and saw the potential it had on the United States (NDTV). A man named Dr. Henry Roberts made a build-it-yourself kit that concentrated thousands of dollars worth of computer capability in an affordable package. In 1968, Bill Gates used his first computer, it was a DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electrics (BGBFCD).Not every kid during the 1970s even knew what a computer was, the computer to them was like learning a new language. The use of this computer would cost several thousand dollars to use and the school used fundraisers to let them use the computer (Bill Gates Childhood Days). Within 2 weeks Bill Gates and his friends used up all their time with it, and with all the time in the computer lab, they turned their school work in late, so the school would not let them use the computer anymore (Bill Gates Bio). With the lack of technology the computer lacked Bill and his friends would write programs and read all the material they could use to develop the computer. (BGBFCD). This would forever inspire Bill Gates and friend Paul Allen to create Microsoft in 1975 (NDTV). During the mid-1970s, Bill noticed the lack of communication and technology. In the process of evolving how the United States communicates, Bill Gates was in the process of creating the first language for his microcomputer; which was called “BASIC” (Smart Money). With the need for his software to be installed into something useful, there was a positive uprising. A man named Ed Roberts created the first computer monitor called the Altar 8800 (Microsoft). Bill Gates approached Ed with a breakthrough that could change the world’s communications as everyone knows it to be (The Telegraph). He explained that if his software was successfully installed into his computer who knew what it could evolve into, but Bill knew it would be something everyone would be interested in (Smart Money). The Altair 8800 needed a software program to make it compatible for everyone to use, which is when Bill came to Ed with the Basic Program (The telegraph). Bill and Ed agreed on a deal which included Ed selling his computer monitor to Bill for three thousand dollars (Smart Money). With Bill having the BASIC program installed into the Altair 8800, he created something that would revolutionize the country. The product was targeted for banks and major businesses to record their documents on (Microsoft). This was the first product “Micro-Soft” put out on the market (Microsoft). With the development of this product, this would serve