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New York banning soda is an extremely horrible idea, people need to focus on the bigger picture when it comes to health and obesity. Although, banning soda would raise awareness about the problem of obesity in America.
First of all, just because soda is bad for you, doesn’t mean people aren’t going to drink it.
“with the regulated soda size being 16oz, you can still get your 128oz drink, you would just have to buy EIGHT regulated soda serving” (Pappas). People can still get refills on their drinks which would make the regulated size irrelevant. This ban doesn’t count for diet soda, fruit juices, and milk based products. Therefore, people can get the same amount, if not more of sugar by drinking a different drink,
The most common reason for obesity is lack of education on the subject. People don’t understand nutrition. Therefore, they don’t realize that there is other things worse than soda that causes obesity. “ We need to educate so they know how to make better health choices”(Poppas).
Making soda sizes smaller isn’t going to get people off the couch and get moving.
This ban is going to cause the soda companies to be out money. When really, soda was around before obesity was even a problem. Its not the soda that is causing obesity. Its the people who drink soda and aren’t active. This is why Mixify was started. A program to help kids balance out their amount of activity with the amount of sugar they’re taking in. This ban would cause many conflicts with