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Noor-ul-ain Qurashi
Eng 1301
Summer Session I
08 July 2015
Cell Phone
As a child it is hard to understand that there are consequences to every action and that there can only be an effect with a cause. I had assumed that some problems I faced growing up were a stem of just things going wrong since anything that can go wrong will. Later, however, I realized that my phone was the source of many of my problems. Growing up my parents weren’t very strict about me using my phone, until my cell phone usage got out of hand around eighth grade. At first it was hard for me to understand why they would take my phone away at the most random times since I had amazing grades and did all my chores. Later I realized that my parents were trying to get rid of my addiction and help me since cell phone use affects teens negatively. By using my cell phone all the time, I was endangering myself and loved ones and was hurting people close to me. Back in August of 2014, my cell phone usage drove my boyfriend of three years and I apart. I had ended our relationship that was mainly long distance because of my own insecurities that came from my phone addiction. Our relationship ended horribly and left me alone, and the one thing that would be put to blame was my cell phone. We mainly used our cells to communicate constantly, which is what drove us apart. He enlisted in the air force and was barely able to talk to me and I felt as though my best friend no longer needed me when in fact, he just was not able to talk to me as often. When we stopped dating, I stopped working out and practicing veganism because that was something we both enjoyed together. Not only did I also quit dance, even though I’ve danced my entire life, I also gained forty-five pounds in ten months. My lack of control caused me to spiral down like a helicopter that lost its rotor blades. After breaking up, my cell phone usage only got worse. My need for attention caused me to turn to online friends for support and admiration. I had many friends at school, but support was different coming from someone who constantly and instantly replied to me. These online friends would tell me how amazing I am and how they can’t wait to meet me in person. Talking to them actually made me feel really good about myself even though my phone was the source of evil that destroyed my relationship in the first place. Though I could be addicted to worse things, my phone was my drug of choice and it definitely did more damage to me than anything else. I’m still sometimes unable to sleep just because my phone is near me and I can play games, watch television, and socialize with supposed friends on it. Also shortly after I learned how to drive and got my license I began using my phone while driving even though I know better. I still sometimes need to check myself because I’ll text at a signal or be on the phone with someone while driving. Cell phone usage really takes a toll on people and changes them for the worse. I used to campaign with student council against phone use while driving and shortly after getting my car I fell victim to using my phone while driving as well. One time I was on the phone, driving my dad’s new and I hadn’t seen the deer on the side of the road. I was going about twenty five miles an hour when a deer runs into the side of my father’s twenty-hours old truck and leaves a giant dent. The deer was fine, but the truck wasn’t. Using my cell phone caused plenty of damage that day to the truck and endangered my life. Being on a phone while driving can seriously injure or kill someone and the unfortunate people in their car. Even though I had officer positions in most clubs in high school and many friends I still lack the communication skills I need for the world due to my phone. Thanks to debate I could talk in front of a crowd. However, because of my cell phone I never learned how to properly type a formal e-mail or use proper grammar. Texting is personal but doesn’t require any