Personal Narrative Writing: Adrenaline Rush

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LaQuisha Hilton
4 December 2014 final draft essay #2 Adrenaline rush There it stood at exactly four hundred and twenty feet in the air, going from zero to one hundred and twenty miles per hour in just three point eight seconds. On a bright Ohio day, there i stood for hours at Cedar Point waiting in lines for my favorite roller coaster. After driving two hours with my boyfriend, Darrian, we entered the park and immediately got in line. The first ride we rode was the Mean Streak. I love this ride because it is wooden and displays the cliche old roller coaster, haunted and antique looking. I have always been an adrenaline Junkie. I would scare my sister constantly just to get a laugh out of it. I was never afraid; As a child I bonded and hung out with the boys, throwing footballs, climbing trees, racing on our bikes praying not to get hit by a car. But I have always had a passion for water rides and amusement parks. One summer we traveled down to Orlando Florida and spent an entire day at the water park with the rest of my cousins that lived there. I rode the ride everyone was afraid to; even though I cant remember the name. There it was, the seven story water slide that dropped you straight down at one hundred and eighty degrees. This ride was the scariest, water slide I had ever seen. I was twelve at the time and I never said no. So my cousin Quitta and I climbed fourteen flights of stairs to finally reach the top. The instructor asked me if I was sure I wanted to ride because I just met the weight and height requirements. I agreed and I was not going back on my word. I laid down on the opening of the slide, patiently waiting for instructions or the green light to go. Sat up to see how big or long the drop was, when I looked out the slide wasnt visible, meaning it was a straight shot to the bottom. I laid back down and the instructor asked me to stay still for a second. Not realizing my body was shaking and I did not even notice it. The instructor gave me the green light to go and gave me a little push. In that moment, not weighing enough my body was no longer touching the slide, I was falling seven stories straight to my death. Gravity, finally pulled me back to the slide and I slide to the exit. I tried to stand up but realized my body had went into shock and I could not move. Finally I got the strength to get up. The seven story slide was the best water ride I have ever rode and also gave me the worst wedgie. Going into the park the one ride I was afraid of and vowed to never ride was the Dragster. People travel from all over Ohio to spend a day at Cedar Point and ride this thrilling attraction. On the right side of the tracks are the stadium for fans. The ride has a race car theme, so there are Nascar stands for people to watch everyone's reactions on the ride. After watching about ten rides go past, and an hour of protesting, claiming I would never ride the Dragster, Darrian picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me in line. Normally security would stop or interfere with actions like this, but the security guard just laughed at me and said “we all have to face our fears some time.” After being carried through the ropes he put me down; People