Final Draft Essay 4 Negative and Positive Effects with Technology

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Sarkis Minasakanian
Professor Cohen
English 101
28 April 2015
Negative and Positive Effects with Technology
I walk into a computer store with my father, he buys me a computer for my birthday. He tells me that I should use it for school and I listen to him. At home, I cause trouble at the dinner table, giving my parents a headache. I wouldn’t stop, so my father handed me my computer and I began to search the internet. My father asked me if I improved my grades in school, I didn’t respond because I was too engaged in the technology, the one that took over my life and controls it. The next day, my father asked me why I didn’t respond to his question, I ignored him again and went to my room to go on my computer. I began to notice that I didn’t have many friends, who talked with me and wanted to hang out, I didn’t know why, but technology kept my spirits alive. Even though it did, I was sad because I had no social interactions. The computer also had a webcam, that I would use extensively because I wanted to take the perfect picture, I was worried because I wanted to look my best, when I posted my picture on the internet. This was an obsession of mine, I became obsessed with my looks, I became narcissistic. However, father also bought me a few programs that helped me with my schooling, it made me achieve better grades in school and make my life easier in school. The issue is people becoming too conditioned to technology, that it causes them to have negative effects in their lives. If people don’t pay attention to these effects, then our society might be in jeopardy, people might commit suicide or be lonely because they don’t know how to communicate with others. In his article, “The Child,

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the Tablet and the Developing Mind,” Nick Bilton describes how young people can become too conditioned to technology, to the point where it hinders their communication skills. This is negative effect of using technology. In his article, “Scientists Link Selfies to Narcissism,
Addiction, and Mental Health,” Joe Martino describes how using programs such as social media and taking photos with cameras or other devices such as phones, can make a person narcissistic.
In his article, “Mind Over Mass Media,” Steven Pinker is in support of technology because it can help in our educational process and have some benefits that will help us in our lives. I will argue that younger members of our society, will have negative effects from the use of electronics.
Some of these negatives effects include, a hindering of communication skills using electronics, such as Ipads and narcissism, that develops by constantly looking for validation in social media.
However, using technology can be beneficial, they help in our learning process, using programs such as PowerPoint, Google or online encyclopedias.
Children can become too attached to technology, that they wouldn’t want to communicate with anyone. In his article, “The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind,” Nick
Bilton describes a moment where his niece and nephew were misbehaving and they wouldn’t stop, but they calmed down when the kids received Ipads to play with. After this, they didn’t want to talk with anyone because they were focused on the technology they were using, it looked like they forgot everyone else and became some sort of technology zombies. They forgot the environment they were in with their family, they didn’t care about having a conversation with them and they didn’t care about their surroundings. It seemed as if technology took control of them, it made it seem like technology is an evil thing. Bilton states, “While they sat happily staring at those shiny screens, they were not engaged in any type of conversation, or staring off

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into space thinking” (Bilton 2). Basically, Bilton wants to describe his own situation to support his argument, that children will not engage in conversations when