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Dwan Denk
Professor L. Fuller
English 111 T/R 0800
03 March 2015
Five-Paragraph Essay Final Draft
History meets Adventure
Judging by the cover, this movie may lead you to think it is nothing more than another pirate adventure; however, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was a pleasant surprise. Nothing about the title seemed exciting at first glance, but this adventure movie showed to be nothing short of a masterpiece. An aged warship, Surprise, under the command of British Captain “Lucky”. Jack Aubrey, takes them on a journey off the coast of Brazil chasing Acheron, a phantom French vessel larger and better equipped in the prewar era of the 19th century. The movie turned out to be a great story, supported by excellent acting, intense action scenes, and a vast display of comradery among the crew.
The entire cast showed an extraordinary commitment to their roles, giving a display of great acting. On several occasions, the crew engaged in sword fighting battles showing a proficiency in this task that is not only entertaining, but believable. Maneuvering around the ship’s sail takes real talent, but the actors in this movie make it look effortless even enjoyable. No shortage of emotions was displayed throughout the film. During the sad scenes, the audience can empathize with the characters feelings while also experiencing genuine happiness during scenes of victory.
From the very beginning, intense action scenes lead the movie. The first battle is an ambush; the phantom French ship appears on the horizon and initiates the attack by cannon fire. The crew, consisting of three hundred men and children, is shot and wounded while fighting for their lives. This sets the standard for the action throughout the movie. The ship sustains heavy causalities; however, their cannon fire did not damage the Acheron. Later in the battle, one of the main mast gets blown away making the ship unstable due to taking on water. Circumstances such as the element of surprise allowed for the crew of the Surprise to be better prepared when encountering their final battle with Acheron. They are ready and armed to the teeth while pretending to be a whaling ship under the name of Syren. Getting close enough using the disguise allows them to board and take on the ship. The fierce, physical combat takes place in this battle when they board the Acheron; swords, knives, pikes and bare hands are used. Bodies filled the bloody deck creating gruesome action until the Acheron was captured. Despite the intensity of the conflict, they displayed a great sense of fellowship towards each other.
The comradery displayed among the entire crew is another fantastic element unfolding throughout the movie. These are demonstrated by the captain who shares his drink with a side boy while celebrating at