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Nicholas Tieszen
Miss Marco
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12 November 2013
The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Our own government purposing an attack on our own land and people? Yeah, right. The idea that a lot more happened on 9/11 than what we know about as a nation is not far stretched. I know exactly what most people are going to think when they look at this paper. 9/11 is a day, with no doubt in my mind, that is tragic in many ways. 2,996 people lost their lives, and countless other lives have been lost in result to 9/11. (Avery) To say that the three skyscrapers collapsed due to fire is simply not enough for me. National security advisor Condoleezza Rice denied any foreknowledge of 9/11. That is, with no hesitation, absurd. Also, to say that our own government formulated 9/11 to happen in order to invade the middle-east and implement countless pieces of legislation and branches of bureaucracy is not out-of-bounds or ‘make-believe.’ In fact, things exactly like that have happened before. 9/11 is a day that changed the world, our country, and countless lives. 9/11 has many pieces that have been unresolved. This is why it deserves the chance to be relooked at.

Government plots that involve its own citizens include examples like the Reichstag fire, and Operation Northwoods. The Reichstag was an incendiary attack on the German Parliament in February of 1933 just four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as the Chancellor of Germany. Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch council communist, was accused of starting the fire. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rounded up a list of four communist leaders including van der Lubbe. The fire was used as evidence of the Nazi party to insist that the communists were plotting against Germany. This closed the seats of the German Communist party after mass arrest of communists persisted after the Reichstag fire. The National Socialist German Workers Party was now a majority in Germany’s government. This would lead to the invasion of Nazi Germany’s neighboring countries. Historians argue that the fire was actually started by the Nazi Gestapo police. (Avery) Do you think that or government can be compared to the 3rd Reich? The theory that 9/11 was a plot under our own government is not a far- stretched theory. A tragedy, caused by terrorism or another country, as vast as 9/11 gives the United States Government the key to engage in full scale war with any country it wants. In order to go to war, it requires the consent of the House, Senate, and Executive branch (not even including the media/people). When 9/11 occurred, everyone united as one to fight one thing-terrorism. We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq all at once. The house of the Al-Qaida and Taliban, Afghanistan, seemed logical. Why Iraq? Regardless, we invaded Iraq with full-scale escalation. No one seemed to ask enough questions about the reasoning behind Iraq, but everyone in the United States supported the cause of hunting anyone down who may be tied to responsibility for the attack. A full-scale attack on the United States (especially on United States soil) is exactly what would have to happen for the United States to go to war. After World War II, America developed this fear of the communists. We realized that Stalin wasn’t the most trustworthy man, and started building up our defenses to a new enemy-the communist. The American government had what was called the “Domino Theory” with communism. If one nation fell to communism, then others will follow. As a country we created this goal to stop the spread of communism. This same situation is seen with Cuba. When Castro betrayed America’s interests, Kennedy and his administration placed an embargo on Cuba making Cuban imports illegal. This created a hunger to invade Cuba a second time. General Lemnitzer under JFK’s administration devised a plan to go to war with Cuba. This plan included: the planned hijacking of a plane and blowing it up (without civilians on board), mortar