Steven Paul Jobs: The Creator Of Apple

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November 18, 2014
Steven Paul Jobs: The Creator of Apple
Steven Jobs: A man of who thinks differently than other what others could think of , the creator of Apple Inc. which might be considered the face of technology. Steven Jobs’ life was what made him into the CEO of Apple Inc., and we will always remember him for his work and creation of Apple Inc.. Steven Jobs made many devices in his life at Apple, and they received many good reviews on them for their amazing talent at doing what they do, but of course having negative reviews as well (even though there were many little). His own life had received very many positive and negative reviews since Steven Jobs had very many changing and important moments in his life, His importance in society/culture was important for the world because he changed the way technology should be thought about and made as well. Steven Jobs’ life made him into the genius he was at Apple Inc., both his life and devices received positive and negative reviews, he changed the face of technology as we know it today.
Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California.
His was born to mother Joanne Carol Schieble (a speech therapist), and father Abdulfattah
Jandali (attending college in America at the time, and is now Vice President of the Boomtown
Casino and Hotel in Reno) (
1). His mother and father however had given him up for adoption seeing as they could not care for Steven Jobs and Mona Simpson : Steven jobs sister
1). He was orphaned as a child, but was then later adopted by Paul Jobs: a machinist at

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Spectra Industries and Clara Jobs: an accountant (
1). Steven Jobs had been very interested with technology from his father’s work at Spectra, and had first encountered a desktop computer in Palo Alto, California during a field trip during his elementary years, and was interested with his his friend Steve Wozniak’s “blue box” , an illegal device that would allow you to make free long­distance calls (
1). Everywhere there was technology, Jobs was interested in it, which is what inspired him to make technology. In 1974, he had started making computers and other technological devices with Wozniak with their new company: Apple
Computer Inc. which was in Steven Jobs’ father’s garage (
Steven Jobs had received his education from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.
However, his career there did not last so long as he only stayed there for six months, and left the college (
2). Jobs had left the college, and had gone to join the counterculture of the 1970s
1). He later then joined the video game company Atari in 1974 (
Not much had been mentioned about Steven Jobs’ personality, but it must have been a very great one to run Apple Inc. It’s safe to assume that he was a person who was always on task with whatever he was building in his life. For example, it’s never been heard that an Apple product was ever released late. It seems as though every Apple product was finished when it came out. Steven Jobs must also have great leadership as well for Apple Inc.. To run as huge a company as Apple Inc. CEO must be challenging itself, not to mention to invent many devices as well. Although not much is said about Steve Jobs personality, it’s safe to assume that he had a great personality with the way Apple Inc. had been going in the past, and presently.
Steven Jobs had many professions throughout his life in Apple and many other companies in his life. When Apple was first created, he was the Co­founder/CEO of Apple

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Computer Inc. back in 1974 (
1). Before he decided to create Apple, however, he was a video game designer in the video game company Atari in 1974 before he made Apple Computer
Inc. in the fall of the same year (
1). In