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Hadi Saputra
Beverly Faxon
English 100
October 16, 2014
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“Snapper on the Road”, by Sy Montgomery, talks about her heroic action from saving a giant snapper who was lost on the road. Montgomery worries that the other vehicles will crash the turtle so she stops her car and tries to take the turtle across the road, however everyone ignores both the turtle and herself. As a result, she becomes frustrated and blames other drivers. At last, there some people who came to help her. There is a lady along with her children and there is a man who stops to help her. At last, the writer succeeds to take the turtle to the other side of the road and save it. The author writes, “If I were going to save her life, I would have to stop her-now.” This quote motivates me to explore more about the value of responsibility especially towards animals and environment. I want to focus on how people should react to any situations like Montgomery’s. I believe that we should give our best shot to save animals in any circumstances. We should stop being ignorant and start reacting. This motto I believe can remind us on how important our actions are. Humans are the smartest creatures in the world, and we are leaders for the animals. As leaders we suppose to protect them, but instead, not everyone protects them. Montgomery gives us the fact that people nowadays are arrogant like she said, “Too many stupid drivers who don’t care enough to watch out for animals on the road.” They tend to protect themselves and live in their comfort zone. For example, bystander effect from “How to Be a Climate Hero” by Audrey Schulman like she said, “Every time, if there was more than one person witnessing the event, all of them were almost certain to do nothing.” is playing a major role here, where people freeze without action in the emergency situation and waiting for other people to do it, and it is like dominoes because once it fall, others will also fall automatically. Furthermore, my knowledge on Bystander effect also sturdy, I have experienced when I was school in Indonesia; I saw a lot of garbage scatter in front of school, and at first, I just ignored it because no one clean those, but suddenly the janitors came and clean the mess, and ask us to help them, so finally we deed help them. As we can see that we are never responsible to anything that we have in this planet. If we care about this world, destruction such as: deforestation, pollution, global warming, etc. will not happen in this earth. Fortunately, there are still some people who care about the world like Montgomery. These people should be appreciated for their act, because if from the beginning they never fight for us maybe we are not going to survive in this horrible situation. This is what I want other people to realize that people still can change. I have faith that one day, we will unite together as one and support each other to fight for humanity in this world. Furthermore, remember that we can’t avoid things that are already our responsibility, because it is our obligation to do the