Final: Drug Addiction and Neighborhood Watch Essay

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Assignment 3
I gave the Gun back an 8 because I feel as though this is an effective program. I think that even if you can only get one gun off the street, that is still doing Justice. In Birmingham, Al a church sponsored this program. During that day they had 10 guns turned in. That was a big accomplishment. Im pretty sure people invest a lot of time and money in this but its worth it. I do not think that this is the lease effective skill because getting at least one gun off the streets can still save someone’s life.
I gave DARE a 9 because they seem pretty successful at what they do. Research showed me that over 50,000 police officers have been trained to teach the course and over 36,000,000 have graduated from the program. They go from school to school lecturing children on the effects of drugs and abuse. Part of me questions this program because I read that students who graduate from DARE are sometimes more likely than others to drink or do drugs. Other than this, they have been found in reducing drug abuse and illegal drug use.
I would give Neighborhood watch 4 because some people sign up for it and don’t even go through with it. Most of the people are too scared to even report a crime. Even though it doesn’t cost anything for a neighborhood watch, I would still consider it unsuccessful. Some neighborhoods have problems maintaining the sinage.
I gave scared straight a 5 because I feel as though it can have both a positive and negative effect. This program can either