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Ashlee Robinson English 2 Essay Knowledge is power! In 1953 Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451 was published. Fahrenheit 451 is about an ignorant, inconsiderate, indifferent firefighter named Guy Montag. Montag is living a joyful stress free life. He has a wonderful life, wife, and job! Until he starts interacting with his new neighbor Clarisse and a retired English professor Faber. Montag realized that Clarisse and Faber were much unlike everyone else. They seemed to know things that most people didn’t know. He started getting curious and started gaining knowledge the more he interacted with them. In Fahrenheit 451, because of the communication with Clarisse and Faber, his new found curiousity and the old womans suicide, Montag changed from an selfish, thoughtless fireman to an questioning, interested, skillful, affecting individual. Guy Montag started off living a great life, not worrying about anything. He was in love with his amazing wife Mildred and had a job he actually enjoyed as a fireman. Not everyone liked the firemen because they weren’t the usual firefighters, there job was to actually start the fire. They burnt down any houses with books in them, sometimes even the people. In this society, books were against the law. These people were very unaware of a lot of things. Schools were shortend, discipline relaxed, English and spelling were gradually neglected. This society didn’t have intelligence of any kind. Everything was all fine and dandy until he met Clarisse McClellan, his new neighbor. Clarisse wasn’t the typical girl, she