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Kennedy Bozek
January 14, 2014
English 20-1
Final Essay

The Pursuit of Happiness Often when individuals wish to achieve something they are commonly known to be on the pursuit, for they are typically trying to pursue a goal. Usually the pursuit is obtained over a long period of time and holds significant value to whom is striving for their goal and if that goal can be achieved, the results are more than not, rewarding. As we adventure through the novel The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald, we are introduced to Gatsby’s pursuit of happiness as he modifies his character into becoming Jay Gatsby, the building of his ideal life to which will impress Dasiy, and the facade Daisy and he are living in. Ever since the summer that James Gatz climbed aboard the yacht and left his old life that he was so accustomed too, and renamed himself Jay Gatsby has he begun on the pursuit of happiness. Gatsby had an ideal way of life and completely transformed himself into becoming a very successful man with tons of money in which he could use to capture the woman of his dreams. Before Gatsby was sent to war, he fell in love with Daisy and he from the first time they kissed, that they were wed to one another and from that day on, Gatsby began to devote his life for her and do everything to have her for his end goal was to be with Daisy. As Gatsby’s love for Daisy continued to grow, so did his desire to have her. Gatsby created for himself an ideal life which he planned to have with Daisy and despite her being with another man, he did not give up his pursuit. Gatsby’s so called ‘inheritance’ bought him the house right across from Daisy’s and more than not, he would stand out on his pier and gaze at the green light across the bay towards her house. And although he was so close to Daisy, he was still so far from the pursuit of happiness for she was not yet his own, but that did not stop him. He hosted rather large parties in hopes of her arrival and displayed masses of ribbon, streamers, and balloons expecting them to please Daisy had she ever come to his house. Gatsby’s neighbor, Nick Caraway, just happened to be cousins with Daisy and the plan for him to invite her over for tea one day only to have Gatsby suddenly appear, brought Gatsby’s pursuit of happiness to transpire. Once Daisy and Gatsby were reunited, they began to live a facade. She would come over