final essay assignment

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Rosemary Lugo
Mrs. Brooks
English 3, period 1
11 May, 2015
Final essay assignment
In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the two poems Richard Cory and Miniver Cheevy to the life of James Gatz/ Jay Gatsby. The poems have some similarities and some differences, you will read about them in the following paragraphs.
Richard Cory to Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby was an arrogant man. He was rich, had a huge, extravagant mansion, and drove a luxurious car. He had parties at his home every weekend and all the people from town would come. However, no one really liked Gatsby. He had no real friends. Richard Cory was also rich. He carried himself just as Gatsby. He was well dressed, a gentleman, and “admirably schooled in every grace.” The only two differences are that the people looked up to him “in fine, we thought that he was everything to make us wish we were in his place.” Here the man is saying that the people looked up to Cory and that they wanted to be like him. Another difference was that Gatsby was murdered. In Richard Cory, Cory killed himself.
Miniver Cheevy and James Gatz. These two were very similar. Growing up, Gatsby’s real name was James Gatz. This was the person he was before he became “Gatsby.” when he was James Gatz, he was poor and always wanted to be rich and wanted the finer things that life had to offer. Cheevy wanted the same. “Miniver loved the Medici, albeit he had never seen one; he would have sinned incessantly could he have been one.” However, there