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Final Essay for management Corporate social responsibility is extremely vital for Compbell Canada due to the reason that it is beneficial to the society. Personally, I think the action by Compbell Canada, launching the product of Nourish, is completely helpful for the growth of the society and responsible for the disadvantaged group as a whole. It helps the society by reducing the number of poor and bringing the healthy products to human being. However, some people might arguing that intent of Nourish is not totally for helping the society. The following reasons will be explained the fact. First of all, as we know, one of most successful key for Nourish is it helps address the problem of hunger in Canada and oversea. No doubt with it, the economics of the world is rapidly blooming. An increasing amount of people are getting rid of hunger and poverty, which means they no longer consider three-meal a day as a concern. However, in the other side of world, there are still a certain amount of people starving. The production of the Nourish is absolutely backing those people in hunger up. More people's subsistence problems get fixed, less burdens the society worries. Therefore, Compbell Canada performs corporate social responsibility well. Another big concern is health recently. This is because, in the rich region, subsistence problem won't become a bother for them. But in the same time, health concern will arise in their mind. They are willing to have a more healthy body to attain a good quality life. The appearance of Nourish definitely brings confidence to them. There is a data showing that Nourish helps reduce childhood obesity in Canada by 50 percent. And I strongly believe this number will keep moving up. This unquestionably reveals the corporate social responsibility for Compbell Canada. These are the advantages side of it. And the most essential point is, the action by Compbell Company will result in a good reputation on the society. A great reputation will influence two aspects, one its more poor people will get benefits from the product, another is the product will promote the sales of other complementary products sold by Compbell Company. However, each coins has two sides. When we try to think in a deeper level, is the action done by Compbell Canada fully responsible for the society without any other intent? As we know, Nourish is sold to food bank instead of customer in appearance, but it may involved with some marketing strategies inside. From the perspective of outsider, this company really builds up a positive reputation for them. This contributes to a great impact embedded into people's