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Can obese people control whether or not they are obese? Well there is not a simple answer to that question. Obesity is taking over America at a a very high rate. More and more Americans are becoming obese and this county is fatter than its ever been. 69 percent of Americans today are over weight or obese, which is clearly very high. People need to start getting a hold of themselves and start taking responsibility for their weight. New York has raised the price of tax on soda and that is a little bit ridiculous considering that people have choices, and that they need to make a healthy choice if they want to be healthy. There is no reason why fit people should have to pay more if they want a soda. Obese people need to take weight into their own hands and make a major life change if they want to avoid serious diseases that are cause from obesity. My one friend Mike has been over weight his entire life. It is very unfortunate to see this because he is a healthy eater, and doesn’t snack or eat too much when he has meals. Some people like Mike, unfortunately can not do very much about their weight considering that their genetics give them a heavy set. For these people its is extremely difficult to loose weight, and if they pursue in trying they must be motivated and not let anything get in their way. Even if you are born with genetics that give you a heavy set you still have the power to become lean and healthy. Most people end up obese because they make the decision to eat what they eat and not get exercise like they should. In the article “Learn The Facts: Let’s Move” which First Lady Michelle Obama launches, she discuses they facts of obesity in our county and why America is fatter than ever. “Thirty years ago, most people led lives that kept them at a healthy weight.” (Obama 3). America used to be fit thirty years ago. Well why isn’t America fit anymore? The advances in technology and entertainment has completely over taken the way people live their lives. Yes, technology is great but, it is also steering away physical activity that people need. Thirty years ago you would see children outside in front of their houses playing all the time. These days you drive through neighborhoods and rarely you will see kids playing outdoors. People are too consumed with their computers and televisions and its really effecting their weight. Eating healthy is important to