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1. What caused Mesa Air Group to have a collapse in corporate trust and share price from 2006 to 2008? What could management have done differently? 2. Explain how a code-share agreement works between a regional and a major airline carrier. Explain how contracts are obtained and how the regional contract can be paid. 3. What made SkyWest grow so successfully from 1987 to 2008? What are some of the success formulas that SkyWest management has applied to their airline? How does the airline maintain its enviable record of profitability? 4. Apply some of the lessons learned about Southwest Airlines to the regional airline environment. Discuss several specific aspects, taken from the online text or the textbook. Choose aspects that you feel are applicable to regional airline operations.

1.) Poor management by leaders such as Mr. Ornstein improper management with cash reserves when oil prices spiked, and poor choices in routes led to the downfall of Mesa Airlines something it never recovered from. With too many delays, and cancellations mainline companies pulled out of Mesa.

2.) Code-share agreements work where one airline like Alaska Airlines fly’s routes for American Airlines. It allows both companies to sell seats on each other’s flights and gain a percentage of profit from those seats sold that way instead of both companies fighting for the same routes one company can bring in passengers to a hub airport and the other airline can then take those