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Final Exam Paper What Andrea Yates did to her five children was unjust, and should be sentenced to death not be given an insanity plea deal. This woman was obviously not fit to be a parent, yet no one bothered to speak up and say so. Thinking that if Yates's husband would have gotten a vasectomy, talked to Andrea and explain she would not be a fit parent, or even have gotten her on a form of birth control, the loss of five children's lives could have been prevented, and she would not be standing trial. After all, knowing that Andrea Yates was suffering from post pardon depression should have been a major indicator that maybe having a child, let alone five would be a very bad idea. No one bothered to seek medical advice, asking whether or not having a child would be good for her, and how if she did have a child, would it affect the child. Most think having a child or two will be a breeze and will go over smoothly. The reality of having a child is harsh. Those who are wanting to become parent's do not realize the effort and hard work that come with raising a child. The first few months you may get three hours of sleep if you are lucky enough, and you have to learn to cope and adjust. Having a child is a very big responsibility and is not for the faint of heart. Those who are wanting to become parents need to think a head and ask themselves, will I be a good role model, do I have the patience, can I do what is best for my child. Now no one is to be the judge of how many children one can be responsible for. All parent's are very different, no two are the same. A single mom may be able to take care of two children just fine, while a single dad may only be able to take care of one. Raising a child can become extremely stressful , and at times seem like it will never get better. This is when most parent's quit on their child, begin to neglect them, or at worst take the child's life. A child is not something you can ever quit on, and it is not like an animal where you may take it back to the store or pound. Children are always growing no matter their age. Neglecting a child does more harm than good. Really, neglecting a child does no good at all. Many children who have been neglected tend to fall into a never ending downward spiral, but some do the opposite and excel in life. Those who have been shut out by their parents are susceptible to falling behind in school, fall into poverty, and at worse take their own life. Before having a child, talk to a psychiatrist, and a therapist to make sure that you and your husband or wife are mentally capable of providing a good home, a lot of love, and mainly patience. Couples may think going to see a shrink is crazy. No, not going to see one is crazy. These doctors specialize…