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Final Exam Review Sheet
The following sheet is designed to help you review for your final exam. Complete the sheet using specific details and examples from the designated text.

Main Characters
Plot Summary
Literary Terms

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The Great Depression

Salinas Valley, CA
(Describe the role of each of characters and how they interact with each other.)

Lennie (mentally disabled, strong, tall, childish, doesn’t know his own strength, frequently gets in trouble)

George (protective/ helpful towards Lennie; responsible, short tempered; short, slim, muscular)

Curley (cocky; boss’ son; quick tempered; boxer; wears a glove full of Vaseline)

Curley’s wife (“tart”; flirtatious; lonely and wants attention; young and pretty; the only girl on the ranch)

Slim (“prince of the ranch”; well respected, handsome; trustworthy; good listener)

Candy (old; disabled: missing a hand; gossiper; has an old dog; lonely; wants to go with Lennie and George)

Crooks ( old; disabled: has a crooked back; isolated: only African Am; lonely; bitter; well read)

(Briefly summarize the main details of the plot in 3-5 sent.)

During the Great Depression two very different characters, Lennie and George, experience the hardship of finding work and maintaining an enduring friendship.
(Explain how each of themes is developed within the text.)
American dream (Lennie and George share a dream of owning their own land.)
Companionship (Lennie & George travel together)
Loneliness/isolation (the characters play solitaire; characters are isolated based on their appearance or disabilities)
Friendship (George killed his best friend in order to protect him from the lynch mob)
Responsibility (George takes care of his adult friend Lennie; Lennie wants to “tend the rabbits”)
Mental disabilities (Lennie is slow and dependent of George)
Love and Marriage (Curley and his wife don’t love each other)
Sexism (Curley’s wife is treated differently because she’s the only female on the ranch)
Racism (Crooks is referred to as a “nigger”)
Discrimination (characters are treated differently based on