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HST 204/01 Summer 2013 Dr. Y. Wangdi
Class Time: Monday& Wednesday 6:00-9:20 p.m. Office: MAK D-1-212
Location: Mak D-1 215 Office Hours: Mon,Wed 3:25-4:25 p.m. Phone: 331-3614 Email: World History Since 1500

This course is designed to give students the conceptual vocabulary and historical background for understanding the rapidly changing world. Students will engage with world developments by tracking outstanding events and important personalities. Emphasis is placed on evaluating and analyzing the changing experience of people.

The enormity of our topic necessitates some simplification. To this end, the course is structured around the basic question, “what happened”? In seeking the answer we will study events and ideas, with the goal of making sense of the complex experience of people in different parts of the world and how cross-cultural forces have played a critical role in shaping national experiences.

HST 204 is a Supplemental Writing Skills Course. This means you must have passed Writing 150 with a grade of C or better to take this class. SWS courses adhere to certain guidelines. At least one third of the final grade in the course is based on the writing assignments.

Required texts:

World History since 1500, Vol. II, 7th ed., W.J. Duiker and J.J. Spielvogel (WH)

Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World, Louis Fischer

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Dai Sijie

Please be aware that as the course proceeds the instructor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus if necessary.

To do well in this course, you must attend all lectures and do the assigned readings. Missing classes will seriously hamper your ability to do well in this class. Please come to class on time. Papers are due in the class on the dates stipulated. Please do not attempt to hand in late papers.

Class room behavior: Please be attentive in class and create an environment that is congenial, healthy and positive. Part of creating a nurturing educational environment in which students feel uninhibited to express their ideas and to explore new concepts, is respect. In the classroom as in society a fundamental component of respect is careful listening and thoughtful interaction with one’s peers. Therefore, in addition to doing the reading and participating in class, it is my anticipation that students will comport themselves with maturity and thoughtfulness.

The University has clearly defined policy about harassment, which is explained in the Student Code. Please read the policy carefully and be sure that you comprehend it.

Grade Distribution: This course uses the +/ - grading system.
Course requirement:
Class Attendance and participation: 15 %
One Quiz including short essays: 15 %:
Final Examination: 30% (Exam consists of identification, multiple choice and essay questions. Questions cover material from class lectures, readings, hand-outs, discussions, videos, films, and slides. The final exam is not cumulative. Study guide will be provided).
2 Essay Papers: 20% each for a total of 40 % (Students respond to a series of questions. Responses must be at least 4 pages in length but not to exceed 5 pages, typed, double spaced and numbered. These are due on the date designated in the syllabus. Below please see guidelines for writing papers).
Mandatory Style Requirement for Papers:

Please be aware failure to comply with the style requirement will lower the assignment grade by one letter grade, i.e. A- to B+
· Utilize one inch margins on all sides. Please use 12 font size. The print must be easily readable, otherwise it will be rejected. Your paper should be double spaced.
· Direct quotations should be used sparingly to