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FALL 2013

Instructor: Susan Goulet
Email: or
Phone: 414.332.3551
Classes: M & W 9:30, 11 and 12:30 Zelazo 378
Office Hours: Before and after each class or by appointment
Classes: M & W 4:00 pm Milwaukee Yoga Center (Corner of Oakland Ave and Edgewood)
Attendance: the Dance Department supports a no absence policy designed to instill the rigors of professionalism in its students.
This need for professional decorum extends to all students as you are preparing yourself to enter the professional world. Dance 103 is an experiential class. You must be in class, “experiencing” class, to get the material. You are allowed one absence for any reason
(including religious, jury duty, medical, illness, family, etc.) The instructor must be notified in advance of any necessary anticipated absence via email Each additional absence which is not made up, will decrease your grade. If you miss more than 3 classes for any reason you have failed the course and should drop the class. There are absolutely no “excused” absences after one. You may make up a total of 2 missed classes in one of my other sections. A class can only be made up within 2 weeks of when the absence occurred. Arriving to class late 2 times counts for 1 absence. Leaving class early will result in the equivalent of a late or absence, at the instructor’s discretion.
Requirements & Grading Policy: All course requirements must be fulfilled in order to pass the course. This includes all class projects, written assignments or essays, written or movement exams, or any other assignments noted on the course syllabus. Any assignment turned in late will be downgraded a letter grade each day it is late. Due to the cumulative and experiential nature of Dance
103 there are no incompletes possible for the course.
Evaluation of your class work will first and foremost be based on your:
1) WORKING ATTITUDE 2) In-class progress
3) Discussion participation.
In addition, grades will also be affected by these parameters :
To receive an A: 1 absence (all other missed classes made up)
93-100 average on exams and paper.
To receive an A-: 1 absence (all other missed classes made up)
90-92 average on exams and paper
To receive a B or B+: 2 absences (2 missed classes not made up) 80-89 average on exams and paper
To receive a C: 3 absences (no missed classes made up)
70-79 average on exams and paper
Note: Your lowest quiz grade will be dropped.

90-100 average on quizzes
80-90 average on quizzes
75-85 average on quizzes
65-75 average on quizzes

Class Etiquette: Yoga is a silent exercise that requires concentrated effort. Talking in class is only acceptable for pertinent questions; otherwise talk is distracting and will lower your grade considerably. If continued you will be required to withdraw from the class.
Arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts.
All cell phones and ipods must be turned off and put away before you enter the studio. Do not listen to ipods or talk or text message inside the studio. Do not leave ringer set to vibrate; turn off your phone and put it away!
Required Dress: Form fitting t-shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings that hug your thighs. No bell bottom pants or baggy clothes. I need to be able to see your legs, arms and waist line. Undergarments are required and should function when upside down. No cleavage of any kind should be visible. Bare feet are mandatory.
Course Text: Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar Available at UWM Bookstore and Downer Bookstore.
Assignments: 1.