Changes With The Development Of Technology

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With the development of technology, more and more human work is replaced by machines and other technical staff. Technologies are widely used in business and affect business in different aspects.

More and more businesses are running on the internet, for a company, they can have a meeting without stay in the same room; they can have group chat or face time by using communication software. It makes the business more flexible.

For example, one of the organizations managed by government ‘Transport for London’ is improved a lot. 5 years ago, people who are using the public transport like bus and tube had to buy tickets for daily or weekly use, the ticket is a piece of paper, you need to use it through your tour, if you lose it you have to buy a new one. But now, Oyster Card replaced the paper made tickets. Oyster Card is promoted by Transport for London and it is a form of electronic ticketing used on public transport. With the Oyster Card, travellers don’t need to purchase tickets again and again; an Oyster Card can be used until broken, what you need to do is top up your card and when you use it, just scan it on the bus. It makes travel so easy and save a lot of time.
WFC improved a lot after upgrading their system. White-black Printers are used, and then colourful printers replace the old one, with the new one, works becoming attractive; as Moodle have been used, activities are posted on the home page instead of printing it out as a leaflet and paste it on the board. For example, electronic board replaces the traditional blackboard, with the electronic board, lessons are more interactive and attractive, and it is efficient. But people need to receive training before using them, and it cost a lot of money to install them in most of classroom.



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Technologies bring massive changes to organization’s business and the way they promote their business. When you browse on the internet, you can see many advertisements are posted on the website, pop-ups always come out which is annoying; junk emails like eBay sales.

For example, years ago, all the advertisements are done by poster and leaflet, even in newspaper and magazines; it is not so attractive and useful. Nowadays, people are too busy to read advertisement in any paperwork unless they are in the tube. Companies changed their way in advertising their products like on TV. For example, when you waiting for Tube, there always posters on the wall and them need to be changed regularly, it is a kind of waste of paper and money. A new technology is used in the Tube station, a projector is installed and display advertisement automatically as you save advertisement in it.

To promote WFC, WFC have Facebook account and as people from the world can visit WFC account and get information. WFC designed own website in order to catch more attention from the public. WFC is succeed in promote their business and trying to globalize their business.

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EDI is Electronic Data Interchange is a method for transferring data between different computers and networks. EDI provides a technical basis for transferring data either internal or external. It commonly used for E-commerce purpose, with this technology, you don’t need cash any more, you can go anywhere provide card machine service to do purchase by cards. When you doing transaction online, the data will be sent to your bank account and there will be a record updated automatically; when you eating or shopping in a store, you can use card to pay for it, as you complete this transaction, your account record will be changed automatically.

WFC used to keep all the information in paper and files, as the time goes by, the information is stored on computer which is database system; now, as you can see the barcodes on the ID card, when you swipe