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Question: How can we increase the graduation rate at Clinton Community College?

Answer: If you want to increase the graduation rate at Clinton, they would first need to increase the amount of students enrolled at Clinton. To get more students the first thing that college needs to do, is market more to students. Once the college starts to market there could be an increase in the population here. To start the marketing, they could put it on social media, they could present at schools, and they could sponsor sporting events or whatever they could. Once they get their names out, they could easily increase the population and people from around the nation would start out here. They need to get the slogan out that it is a great startup for college.
The next thing Clinton needs to accomplish would be a SWOT analysis.
Strengths for Clinton would be, it is the only community college in the area. It is cheap compared to most of the colleges around here. It is one of the top community colleges in the nation. It is a smaller school so it is an easier learning environment and it has a lot of transportation here. They have a bus route that is set up for the dorms. They give out easy scholarships to students who have strived in high school and now are on the path to college.
The weakness of Clinton would be that the kids around here think down about Clinton. When the weather is bad the roads to Clinton are bad. We are up a hill so when it gets bad outsides it can make it hard to get here. It is a small school in a small area, the parking lot can be frustrating to the students here.
Opportunities for Clinton would be more attractions around here, make the dorms more favorable to students, and add more buildings to the campus. If the enrollment rate increases they would acquire more money and they could put it toward increases each building or make a new one.
The threats for Clinton are Plattsburgh State, and the bad words of mouth from the locals and how no one from around here wants to stay here. That can deter from the enrollment here at Clinton.
The next thing that Clinton could do is they need to apply the Maslow Theory to their students. The first step in the Maslow Theory is to get the physiological needs taken into consideration for each of the students considering coming to Clinton. The college needs to make sure that each of the building accommodates to each student. Steps taken to make sure this happens would be to make sure that all of the buildings are up to date and that each one is well maintained. They need to keep up with each building and they will have successfully succeeded on this step. The second step in the Maslow Theory is the psychological need. This need is basically the safety of each of the students. This is crucial if they want their enrollment rate to increase. If they make the campus safe to the students, there will be no fear and that will take away from students avoiding this college. With no fear comes a better atmosphere as well. There will be a hundred times better learning environment if they feel safe. With a better learning environment comes to better grades, which will eventually lead to a higher graduation rate from Clinton. The third step is to create a social environment here. There are many steps or examples that Clinton could do to make this step actualization. They could start up more clubs that fit in here. With more clubs it could lead to more relationships among the students. They could get study groups that the students set up themselves. One thing Clinton has already accomplished with this is that there is small classes so that the professor can get more on a one on one relationship with each of the students. This could make the students feel better about themselves. Knowing what a teacher is looking for and being able to communicate better with each one is crucial. So, with the smaller class sizes comes better social need with the students. I mean come on, who wants a classroom of 50 plus