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Athletic Excellence
30 April 2013
Final Exam
1. Identify 10 lifestyle behaviors.
I. Make physical activity part of your life  physical health
II. Eat properly  physical health
III. Maintain recommended body weight  physical health
IV. Learn to manage stress  emotional, mental health
V. Do not smoke and limit exposure to second hand smoke  physical health
VI. Be wary on alcohol  physical, emotional, mental health
VII. Personal safety measures (seat belt, safe sex, regular medical check-ups, no drinking and driving)  physical health
VIII. Get sufficient rest  mental, emotional, physical health
IX. Environment  social, physical, mental health
X. Surround yourself  social health

2. Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.
Physical activity, emotional health, mental health, nutrition and the relationship with the environment are all interconnected. Let’s take an example: someone who eats well will likely have more energy to exercise. Doing some exercises is beneficial for health, but also for the mental and the emotional health. Feeling good in our daily life helps us to make better decisions and reduce our effects on the environment. What is the most crucial in this cycle is the synergy between nutrition and physical activity. Together, they combine to offer more benefits than the sum of each part alone.

3. Acceptable standards
The percentage body fat ranges for optimal health for male is 12% to 22% and for female is 17% to 27%.
For men, the essential fat represents 3% of total weight and 12% for women.


30 bts/10sec
20 mins
3x’s/ week
80% 1RM
10 reps/ 2-3 sets
Free weights
Body composition
70% 1RM
30 mins
Each workout
Mild discomfort
15 secs/3-5 reps
When exercise is combined with sensible adjustments in diet, the weight loss is almost 100% from fat losses. Better results are achieved trough lifestyle modifications rather through drastic diets.

5 advantages
I. The activity itself demands more energy and therefore, burns more calories.
II. It serves to raise one’s metabolism for up to twenty four hours after the activity has been completed, which also raises daily caloric expenditure
III. Activity which serves to increase your lean body mass, increase your BMR in a more permanent or long lasting fashion, which in turn, increases your daily caloric expenditure and translates into a reduced set point
IV. Physical activity fosters increases in the amount of fat-burning enzymes in the body, which enhances the body’s efficiency in burning fat
V. Physical activity serves to reduce appetite and can help in reducing caloric intake.

These advantages have a direct impact on my health because while burning calories, my body is not hungry. Thus, I don’t eat extra calories. Moderate and regular physical activity combined with moderate changes in eating behavior is the key to manage the body composition.

4. 5 basic steps of time management.
I. Identify your time killers and come up with strategies to minimize their impact upon your daily schedule.
II. Set long-term goals
III. Set intermediate and short-term goals to make these long term goal come to life
IV. Use a daily planner
V. Take nightly audits of about 10