Final: Immigration to the United States and Juan Almonte Fca Essay

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Juan Almonte
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Final Essay: Opportunity

The United States was most successful when it came to opportunity. Immigrants around the wanted a better life and the U.S. need people to work for them. This gave hope of a better life to all sorts of immigrants. All of this is known as push and pull factors. (Since in other countries it was bad and full of problems it caused people to move to the U.S. which was an attraction to immigrants). Children of immigrants are affected every day by policy choices on immigration, education, health care, and a range of other issues.

Population Growth and hunger caused Europeans to emigrate and leave their homeland. Most of Europe experienced very fast population growth in the 1800s. (This problem is the reason cities got crowded, a lack of jobs, and food shortages.) Crop failures added to people's problems. Scarcity of arable land was another major problem which sometimes leads to famine.

European immigrants arrived in New York Harbor by the thousands every day. After all they had been through ;( they looked forward to stepping onto dry land. First class and second class passengers those on the upper decks did just that. After brief on Board examinations, they disembarked at Houston River piers). Steerage passengers had to go through Ellis Island Immigration Station. Which was that those who found to have incurable illnesses would face Deportation? Congress passed a law in 1885 that made it illegal for U.S. employers to import foreigners as Contract Laborers.

In 1990,