Final: Life and Paths Places Dependability Essay

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Liana A. Benjamin
Fall 2014: ACS 1000
Final Essay
December 13, 2014

Secrets to a Life Well-Lived
Life is a mysterious concept to fathom. Righteous individuals are oppressed while the oppressors are showered in riches. The unfairness of life lurks at every corner preventing success. The biggest anguish of life however is the inevitable – death. Death patiently awaits in the shadow for the day to claim its’ reward. Even through these misgivings, a life-well lived is feasible. The acceptance of life’s unfairness eases the soul to welcome a “true” life well-lived.
The question is what exactly constitute as a life well-lived. Many argue it is a life packed full of money, power, and success. However, this cannot be since a life following these paths places dependability on finite substances that could crumble unexpectedly at any moment. Previously,
I argued that a life well-lived happen in accord with society, but that statement was misguided.
The only answer to a life well-lived is not one seeking fleeting satisfaction or dwelling on misgivings, but one where each moment of life is lived and appreciated.
A life cannot be well-lived if it is spent dwelling on misgivings. Life is full of unfairness and disappointment. In spite of this, life should not be given upon since dwelling on the unfairness and the pointlessness will taint life. A negative outlook will prevent each new day from being lived and enjoyed. To achieve a life well-lived, it needs to be accepted that injustice occurs in this world and cannot be controlled. Grumbling about injustice doesn’t make things just—and the ensuing hostility and bitterness doesn’t help resolve the matter. Accepting a divine power or having the mentality everything happens for a reason allows for optimism in

life. The Preacher, points out that everything happens at a predestined the time, so be merry and make the best out of life while still alive (Ecc. 3.1&12). Even,
, a righteous man suffered enormous anguish. His possessions as well as his family were lost in an instant. He contemplated the unfairness of the world and God. He is mistaken to associate each good act of life as deserving to be rewarded by God. As God pointed out to Job, he can’t dictate how He runs the world because He can run the world as he sees fit (Job, Chap. 38-39). Everything in life, from injustice to cruelty, is a product of Fate and Providence. These events are a part of a complex plan that cannot be altered (Boethuis, V, 7-22). To achieve a glorious life one needs to accept things occur that are uncontrollable because a joyous life can’t flourish from controlling the inevitable.
There is a well-known saying - live life to the fullest, since tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Life should be lived in the moment and each day should be appreciated. It should not be wasted anguishing over trivial matters nor on factors that bring no immediate joy because each precious second squandered on troubles takes a second away from something more gratifying.
A life well-lived is pursuing happiness through…