A Brief Note On Teen Pregnancy

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Name: Stephanie Moran Class: 1101/ D361/ 1:00 pm ­ 2:15 pm Date: February 23, 2015 FINAL DRAFT




Young Mothers


Teen Pregnancy


Low Income


Cant Afford


Population Increasing




2006 ­ Present




New York City

The love of a mother begins in the whom, where she natures the child with the nutriments it needs produce a healthy newborn. A child will bring the biggest joy to a women’s life, but what if that woman was a teenager!? Teenage pregnacy is a popular topic in New York City.
The reason why being is because most teenage mothers in New York City do not concider getting married before having the child; nor do they have a carrer which makes them what I call slaves to HRA (temporary assistance of the goverment). Teen pregancy started in two thousand and six when I was a student in junior high school. At first I did not know how to intake what I saw, but later on in life I became a victim.
Pregnancy changes you. It starts with morning sickness, sore breast to having a missed period.
Once your expecting its hard to decide what to do after especailly when you are in love with the father of the child. Teenage pregnany mostly occurs when your deeply in love. The love blind folds you from reality. Once the child is born, after nine months of patiently waiting you see the gender and its outstanding facial features. It’s an outstanding feeling finally holding what has been inside of you. As the child gets older, your life becomes harder. Not being employed and having to drop out of school becomes very depressing, because you can not provide to what the child needs reason why teenage mothers turn to Human Rescore Services (HRA). HRA is funded by the goverment, most people know it as public assitance. Helping families in need that are below poverty level who do not have a stable income to keep their family stable. Human Resorce Services provides teenage