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Marketing Plan

Charles Petty/ Gephte Francois
Company Name:
Blackstone Apparel Co
Product Name:
Urban Clothing
Tampa, FL
History (yrs.):
PART A/Section 1: Executive Summary
Blackstone Apparel Co. was founded in 2010 by Charles Petty and Gephte Francois. Charles and Gephte have been business partners for over 10 years and explored the clothing industry because of the passion Charles has for the fashion. The purpose of Blackstone apparel falls right in line with its Mission Statement: “To provide top quality urban clothing products that are not only fashionable but affordable”.

Product description
Blackstone’s vision of fashion is focused on a clean, sharp design of urban clothing for men and women. The elegant designs can be worn as casual and after 7 attire. Designs will be available in retail stores and online shopping venues.

PART B/ Section 2: targeting customers
Demographic profile
[The demographic profile target is urban men and women from ages 16-40.]
Psychographic profile
[Customers will be interested in high fashion, hip hop music and sports.]
[Profession target will be college students, entertainers, athletes and young professionals alike.] geographic LOCATION
[Geographic target is all of United States and eventually Europe.]
Wants and needs
[The clothing market is in desperate need of quality fashion that can be afforded by your average working class adults. This is a very important focus of Blackstone because growing up in this exact demographic it took many sacrifices in order to afford the top fashionable items that I encountered while shopping.]

According to a report conducted by the NPD Group (2014); “Making the right pricing decisions have never been more important or complex. It’s essential to understand price sensitivity and the impact of price changes relative to key competitors”
“A clothing company possessing a broad line-up of well-known brands has a competitive advantage over its peers” According to

PART C-Section 3: Unique Selling Proposition The primary marketing is urban men and women ages 16-40. The secondary market will target the “Going Green Generation.” Blackstone Apparel has prided themselves for being one of the few companies in the clothing industry that use recycled material to construct their denim and clothing lines. This method has proven to be a great unique selling point for the company.

unique selling proposition (usp) marketing objectives
To encourage the consumer to continue to purchase and support the recycle program, Blackstone offer their customers an amazing buy-back program. The program offers customers the opportunity to sell back their used Blackstone items and earn credit towards a new purchase. This idea supports the recycle program and encourages consumers to stay loyal to Blackstone Apparel. Blackstone Apparel has committed to become the leaders in the recyclable clothing industry to not only provide a clean product but also to make a product that screams high quality fashion with a purpose of “Going Green”. The product is tailored to attract our primary and secondary markets. Blackstone has an advantage over most competitors because of the price points and the quality is a perfect match for style and fashion.
Blackstone Apparel is the premier clothing company that will change the fashion industry in years to come. We are committed to educate our consumers of the importance of reducing your carbon footprint through the various recycling programs. Our social media sites are newly developed with important information on our products and our vision for changing the clothing industry.

PART D/ Section 4: Pricing and Distribution Strategy strengths, weaknesses, opportunties and threats (SWOT)
One of the most considerable strengths of Blackstone Apparel is its ability to take recycled material to produce top fashion jeans and clothing. Some competitors are have been in the recycle