Final Marketing Plan Paper

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Final Marketing Plan Paper
Team B
January 21, 2015

The Michael Kors Smart watch is designed to attracted men and women so there will be two different types that will feature the same benefits. The Michael Kors smart watch will feature three watches each for men and women that will have every single phone operating system tied to it. The three watches will be the same they will just be different color. The three different colors will be white, black and rose gold. The watch will have an OLED screen with a resolution of 5k, so that any type of text can be read on it. It will also feature a pedometer and a heart rate monitor to attract the health conscious consumers. The Michael Kors smart watch will also have full access to any app store, so it is not limited on what it can do. It also has sixteen gigabytes of data storage so you can store music and videos on it. The watch also features connectivity features such as Bluetooth, wireless connection to Internet and even wireless connection to a smart television. One of the greatest features of this smart watch is that it does not need to be close to a phone to use it. It is fully capable of being an independent phone on its own.
The way the Michael Kors smart watch solves the need for the target market is that it uses every operating system. This will let the consumer decide on whichever phone they want and the Michael Kors smart watch can cater to them. Another benefit that will attract consumers is the fact that the smart watch can be used independently without the consumer’s phone ever being present. This will attracted people that love to ride bikes, go to the gym, nature lovers and even consumers who misplace their phones. The Michael Kors smart watch is ideal for consumers who love to travel as well because it being just like a phone they can use navigation to go anywhere. The Michael Kors smart watch will be innovation to the market with it tailoring to every operating system and will lead the way for the market of smart watches.

Public relations
In this day and age there are many ways to get recognized as a product person or thing. Many ways people reach other people; social media is something Michael Kors will use to get their product out there. Michael Kors will hire a publicist for the release of the smart watch. The publicist will take care of everything having to deal with social media. The publicist will get the word out that Michael Kors is coming out with a special product. The publicist will then schedule a private event for only certain guest to come so that they can decide if they want to sponsor the smart watch. After Michael Kors decides on the select few they want to sponsor the smart watch they will have those celebrities introduce it on their social media to create a buzz around the product. These celebrities Michael Kors will decide on will target a select market. The market Michael Kors will select will deal with more of the social media so the word will spread faster. As social media is creating a buzz around this new product advertisements would follow soon after. The Celebrities sponsoring the Michael Kors smart watch will be featured in these advertisements to attract more of the same market.
Social Media will be creating a buzz on the product before it is released. What will create the biggest buzz is getting airtime during a big sporting event such as the super bowl. The reason why we want to start advertisements around the super bowl is because it is right before spring and that is the perfect time to release this watch. Spring is a warmer season and with a warmer season comes short sleeves and shirts. This will be perfect for our target market which is people in their 20s and 30s. Another way Michael Kors will advertise the product is through the celebrities and their social media. Michael Kors will ask them to feature the watch in pictures they would take of themselves but not over play the