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He is Caucasian and grew up with paranoid parents. His mothers paranoia became so bad that she decided to home-school him and his brother since elementary school. He shows signs of anti-social behavior that could be related to the home-schooling. Jonathon does not see the point in having friends. is a 24 year old female born to foreigners. She struggled in elementary school because of having parents that did not speak English. Alexandra grew up loving school life which in turn made her a very social person. She strives to make people happy even if that means being unhappy herself.
Alexandra interviewed Jonathon with some basic questions about his personality and attitudes. In this paper, you will learn a little more about the comparison between both individuals. Both individuals answered the questions in order to compare and contrast their findings.
Alexandra asked: When you are learning new information about a product, do you learn better by reading the information, seeing how something works, or by performing the action to learn with your hands?
Jonathon answered: I learn well with reading but I also do well with doing something with my hands. I think I learn best by combining both learning actions. For example, today I worked on my motorcycle and the way I learned how to do the work was by going online to read about how to do the repair I had to work on. After, I went to my motorcycle and took the motorcycle apart and visualized what they were talking about while taking it apart.
Alexandra answered: I learn better with the hands on approach. I feel as though I can learn better if I am doing the same action as a teacher while they are teaching. If I read something in order to learn, I feel as though I do not get as much out of it as I do whenever I learn by performing the action myself. I believe in trial and error. I great example would be when I went to school for phlebotomy. I had to learn how exactly to place a needle in someone's arm. The best way to learn this sort of technique would be by hands on training.
Alexandra asked: When studying, do you work better when you are in a completely silent room like a library, or do you learn better with some sort of distraction like music?
Jonathon answered: I can never concentrate with distractions. The room must be silent if I really need to absorb the material.
Alexandra answered: I absolutely cannot concentrate with any sort of distraction. I am so particular about this that even if I hear a fan or some sort of ticking from a clock, I can get distracted. I get easily distracted by any sort of noise. If I am concentrating and hear a single sound, I get aggravated.
Alexandra asked: Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs test? If not, would you take the test to see your result?
Jonathon answered: No, I have not taken the test. Yes, I will take it though to see my results.
Alexandra answered: No, I did not even know about this test but I will take it.
Alexandra asked: Do you feel as if the results from the Myers Briggs test are accurate? Why or why not?
Jonathon answered: I got the results of ISTJ (Introverted, sensing, thinking, and judging). The results said that I was the “trustee”. I feel as though my results were spot on. That they reflect my personality really well. It describes my personality spot on.
Alexandra answered: I think the test is quite accurate about me. I got the results of ISFP which stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving. I think that at my current place in life, I am very much what they described. It said that I was the “artist” and I quite believe that. I love how artists are with expressing myself and feel that I try my best to express myself in the same ways. I do believe that these sort of tests can have different results as life goes by because a persons personality can change due to their experiences they come in contact with throughout their life.
Alexandra asked: Do you think that there has