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Reflecting on Tattoos on the Heart and the lecture that you attended from Father Greg Boyle (if you did not attend, reflect on the book only), please answer the following:
1. Do you think there a difference between volunteerism and service? If yes, what is that difference?
2. What is one thing from the lecture that stuck out to you or impacted you? Why?
2. The Mission of Saint Louis University is the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity. How does this mission relate to you and your journey here at SLU?

Drew steps back, looks, throws, touchdown Saints! Drew Brees doesn’t just play football because of his passion, he plays football for his team, the team he motivates, the team who he shows his team work for, and most importantly the team who he makes work harder every step of the way. Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterback of all time. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t have the speed of quarter Michel Vick and the accuracy of Tom Brady, but he finds a way to win in every difficult situation. Drew Brees won the Super Bowl in 2010 with the Saints and was named the MVP of the game. Most people think he is known for playing football but he has done a lot of community work during Hurricane Katrina. Drew Brees is viewed positively throughout the community because of his community work, and he is a big idol to everyone, especially children.

Drew Brees is the Saints quarterback who doesn’t just play football; he has provided the people of New Orleans new hope and brought the state of New Orleans back to its feet after the Hurricane Katrina. Over the two years of Hurricane Katrina Drew Brees provide a lot of services to the state of New Orleans. According to Sports Spectrum article “Drew Brees raised about $5.3 million during Hurricane Katrina by starting the Foundation Campaign.”(Jensen Sean). So this quote form the article proves that Drew Brees services were very grateful to the city of New Orleans. My second quote is that “In 2006 season, Drew Brees was names the Walter Payton Man of the Year.” (Jensen Sean) This proved that Drew Brees is positive to the community and not just because of football, but because of his community services. This made him the Walter Payton man of the year because of the services he provided to the state of New Orleans. So that was one of the reasons why Drew Brees is viewed positively, my second reason is because he inspires children everywhere n the USA.

Drew Brees is not just known for his community services, he is also a big inspiration to the kids and teens. He inspires other kids by sharing his life story and showing kids how he never gave up, even when his mom died in an accident when he was 11. Over the years as a quarterback, Drew Brees has shattered every record in the NFL. It started with college first “At Purdue University he became the first freshmen quarter back to throw for 47 touchdowns in one season.” (“Drew Brees”). This quote shows that how he made big records in collage that other famous quarterbacks couldn’t at that age. Then after the draft he started out bad in the NFL with the Chargers he broke his shoulder and got traded to the Saints that’s when the tables turned around for him. “In the 2009 season Brees and the saints started strong with 13-3 season that led them to the playoffs, in the playoffs Drew Brees completed over 85% of his passes and crushed the teams that were in his way that led them to the super bowl. In the Super Bowl the saints were down but because of his brilliance in the game he made a comeback and won the Super Bowl, later he was named the MVP of the game and he crushed Dan Moreno record of touchdown passes in the Super Bowl.”(“Drew Brees”). This was a big inspiration to kids in New Orleans because Drew led the saints to the first Super Bowl in the franchise history. This also made the state of New Orleans stronger after the Hurricane Katrina. This was one of the best moments for Drew