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For me it would be a very tough decision. I want to keep my job so I would have to follow the order and pretend like a salesperson. But on the other hand I would have the guilt of doing an unethical act. Even though I do not want to do something unethical I guess I would have to do it in order to save my job. So I will follow the company’s instructions by going to the sixth floor and act busy in front of the analysts.
Juna and Robert,
You guys have done a great job on the paper. I agree with the points that you guys have presented. I don’t think working from home should be a problem for the company. However the company needs to evaluate the performance of the work-from-home employees on a regular basis to make sure that the work is being done. Working from home also saves commuting time. In many cases employees are already worn out while commuting to work which makes them stressed out and less productive. As long as the assigned work is being done the company should not have any problem with it as it has many benefits as you guys have mentioned.
Work from home is not for all, some can easily get distracted while others can focus more working from home. It also depends upon the type of job. Some jobs can be done remotely while some job demands the presence in the office. As there are advantages of working from home there are disadvantages as well. Separating work from home can be challenging. After some time working alone from home can feel monotonous and employees may feel isolated. About your paper you guys need to proofread the paper before posting. Overall a good paper.
You guys have provided enough facts to abolish the death penalty however I think I am little confused about the topic and the paper. Your topic is “Should the death penalty be abolished due to the botched lethal injection in Oklahoma? Yes.” Just by reading the topic I thought you guys were going to suggest alternate ways of death penalty but you guys concluded by saying that the death penalty should be abolished as the lethal injection is not working efficiently. Anyways, I am also against the death penalty and I strongly believe that the death penalty should be substituted with life imprisonment.
I do not think we should go with what any of the religion or culture has to say about the death penalty. Each of the religion or the culture can have a different say regarding certain things and we should not base our decision based on that, just my opinion. I am strictly against the death penalty and I think life imprisonment is a better alternative. Some of us may argue by saying it gets very costly to put someone behind bars for life but having them work behind bars can cover their cost of living.
You guys have done a great job with the paper. Having people from different diversity does make positive impact in the company and the country as a whole. However there are many immigration policies that are not so immigrant friendly. Many of the highly qualified individuals have to leave the U.S. due to the strict immigration rules. Countries like Canada and Australia have been known to capitalize on this by giving Permanent Residency to those individuals. U.S. needs to retain these highly qualified individuals by making it easier for them to get their Permanent Residency.
Justin, you have very smartly defended your stand. It was a very difficult topic to debate on. U.S was made by the immigrants some of whom came very early on while others came very recently. The problem lies in the illegal immigration not in the legal immigration. U.S needs to tighten its border to make sure that the immigrants only get