Alternative Strategies For GC3: Communication And Management

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Alternative Strategies for GC3: Communication& Training Katherine Vross
Prof. Martin
October 28, 2012

Alternative Strategy for Communication
Internal communication is the main channel for Great Cups of Coffee to achieve its goals. Sometimes communication can get lost in the shuffle in a fast paced eatery environment where day-to-day operations can become the focal point. The problem of unproductive communication can cost the company time and money. To fix this setback, management will need to regroup and have an alternative method of channeling company information and listening to the needs of the employees. Solutions for effective internal communication: * Train management on the importance of delivering information in a timely manner * Train management on the importance of listening skills * Ensure there are proper communication tools: weekly corporate memos and store managers check email daily * Daily shift meetings (Shift turnover discussion) * Corporate Newsletters - Quarterly
Alternative Strategy for Training
Training can be very costly to an organization which is why reducing employee turnover is so important. “Organizations commit to training for different reasons, such as improving product quality, introducing technology to gain operational efficiency, reducing errors, etc.” (SHRM, 2006). Ongoing training is imperative to keep Great Cups at a competitive advantage. If that training is forgotten and not used by employees then