African American History

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African Americans have made many strides in their history in the United States. Over the past 150 years, African Americans have made great advancements as a people in the US. Current situations in the U.S. have accentuated the African American’s struggle for Civil Rights that they have fought for in the past 150 years. Many say that the African American in the United States have not progressed and is still fighting the same battle as they did 150 years ago. In this paper, I will show that some struggles remain, but the advancements are sincere and distinct. African American History has helped us understand the culture and beliefs of today’s African Americans. I will discuss some of the events that have marked African American History in the United States, from Reconstruction to the election of the first African American U.S. President
The Emancipation Proclamation introduced the Reconstruction Era, from 1865 to 1877.The purpose of Reconstruction was to repair the Southern states problems economically, socially and politically, as they were being readmitted to the country. Most of the Reconstruction programs were aimed at helping the South, many white Southerners resented the suggestion that their world needed to be reconstructed at all and fought against any changes imposed on them by Republicans, Reconstruction was not a welcomed effort for the southerners, and because many of the programs were aimed to also help African Americans

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African Americans- with the end of slavery, it seemed like life in America was headed in the right direction. African Americans for the first five years after slavery seemed to be moving along and
Congress establishes the Freedmen's Bureau to protect the rights of newly emancipated blacks (March).
The Civil War ends (April 9).
Lincoln is assassinated (April 14).
The Ku Klux Klan is formed in Tennessee by ex-Confederates (May).
Slavery in the United States is effectively ended when 250,000 slaves in Texas finally receive the news that the Civil War had ended two months earlier (June 19).
Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution is ratified,