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Running head: Ambulatory clinic Business Plan

Northern Starz Home Services
Hawa Dekontee Sirleaf
Globe University
Amy Nelson
March 4, 2013

Executive Summary
Northern Starz Home Services provides a unique service of Home health care and community –based services to both the Roseville and Maplewood area. Based on our company market research, there is great need for quality home care services and good community outreach. We believe that by employing the most qualified and competent worker and provide them with the most organized and update management training will provide high productivity and longevity for the company.
Northern Starz Home Services was created as a Minnesota Limited Liability Company based in Ramsey County, owned by Hawa Sirleaf, its principal investors and principal operators. The main office is located in hallmark shopping center in Roseville. Northern Starz Home Services is in close proximity to a hospital facility and a trauma center in Minneapolis, which brings in few referrals for our agency.
Consumers of our services will be those individuals and families in need of home health care and/or a place to call home again. These patients are usually referred by other health care professionals such as physicians, attorneys, insurance companies and health care facilities. Our agency has already developed an excellent reputation with many of these professionals, through the work of our Clinic administrator, who has been providing home health care services through other agencies for the past six years and through the presentations we have made to the community via marketing tools and personal interactions.
Our agency will be licensed by the State of Minnesota and our services are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and other private insurance carriers along with some cash payments. The process for licensure and insurance certification has already been initiated and we are well on our way to meeting the regulations and guidelines for providing home health care services to patients in Northwest Roseville.

Company Summary
Northern Starz Home Services is a new Home Health service and skilled Nursing agency that started about six months ago. Our agency is located in Roseville, Minnesota and will be providing services to patients, clients and their families within our two locations, Roseville and Maplewood area. We serve clients transitioning from their home, foster home, hospital or nursing home. Therefore we care for young adults ranging from age 18-50 or until their care needs cannot be provided by our agency anymore. At Northern Starz Home Services, we are a small family owned business and we strive to provide the best and high quality services to each person we served. Our team of staffs is as follow:
Licensed Nurses
Certified Nurse’s Aide
Program manager

At Northern Starz Home Services, we pride ourselves with providing excellent and affordable home health care services to individuals and their families of various backgrounds, age, sex, income and region.
At Northern Starz Home Services, Our vision is to expand throughout the twin cities by charitable donations and increase our line services, which in turn will enhance volume and financial viability in order to promote the mission and existence of Northern Starz Home Services.

Personal Overview
Ambulatory clinic Staff
Salary Range (FTEs)
Clinic Administrator
Direct Care professional ( caregiver)
Financial Accounting
Program Manager

The CEO responsibilities for Northern Starz Home Services are all of the following but not limited to creating, communicating and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction of the company. Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and directors, depending on the organization's reporting