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Final Project: Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

I have spent the last nine weeks analyzing my current diet and exercise habits, as well as studying the USDA Food Pyramid Guide and exercise recommendations. I have combined my findings from those resources in addition to what I have learned in Nutrition Science over the last nine weeks to create a lifetime personalized nutrition, diet, and exercise plan for myself. To begin with, I need to address aspects of my current lifestyle that will affect my nutrition and exercise plan. As far as my nutrition habits go, I eat a fairly healthy diet already, but there is room for some modification. I don't eat much meat, and that presents a challenge when creating a nutrition plan. I also do not eat or drink much dairy products, which are a necessary source of calcium and vitamin D. While vitamin D might not be much of an issue to most people, I live in the Pacific Northwest where the skies remain cloudy most of the year. I also work indoors, and so I do not get enough sun exposure to maintain vitamin D levels. The rest of my diet consists of fish, whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruit. I eat a variety of vegetables, including dark green vegetables. I also eat a variety of different types of fruit, including about 50% citrus fruit. Being that I work indoors, I do not get exercise on the job. I depend on recreational activities for my exercise. I love going on hikes. While it does provide some activity, it do not increase my heart rate substantially to give me a cardiovascular benefit. The hiking I do is not a particularly high-impact activity, either, and so it does not build bone strength. I need to make sure my exercise plan includes more activities to increase my heart rate, and to increase my bone density. Jogging, impact aerobics, tae-bo, and high-speed bicycling all are exercises that I will incorporate into my exercise plan. My nutritional goals should be fairly simple to meet. I am going to remove some of the carbs out of my diet and add more fresh fruit and vegetables. Part of that goal is to replace some of the red meat I would normally add to my diet with nuts and fish. I also have walnut and hazelnut trees close by, so adding these items to my diet should be simple. Another nutritional goal I have is to begin eating a healthier breakfast, and eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of two or three large meals. This should increase my energy throughout the day, and allow me to have more strength to exercise. I will also stop eating when I am bored because this is something I am struggling with. My exercise goals are not as simple as my nutritional goals. My first exercise goal is to begin bicycling around town and on the greenbelt bike path. The round trip to town is six miles, and I travel at an average rate of 18 miles per hour. I am going to begin bicycling eight miles round trip, and increasing my average speed to 35 miles per hour. My second exercise goal is to begin jogging three days per week. I am going to begin slowly on a three mile course, and then increase the distance and speed as I am able to. My boyfriend is big into working out and it really will help having someone to go on an evening jog with. Third is my goal to begin the Insanity exercise system with my friend. I have done this is the past and it really helped. I want to get through the who system with no slacking. It really helps that I have several friends who have done and still continue with the exercise system. In order to meet these goals, I am going to schedule the activities on my monthly calendar. I have anxiety really bad and I have to have my days planned out; if I schedule something, I will do it. My phone is synced with my calendar at work and my email, so I know exactly how my day is going to go. All of these activities can be modified for changes in my lifestyle. They are all activities that my boyfriend and I can enjoy