Final Paper AAD 251

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Jocelyn Herana
June 3, 2012
AAD 251
Greg Gurley


How has this class experience enhanced your ability to communicate visually? How are you more visually literate? This class experience has enhanced my understanding of the art world and how visuals play a major role in expressing certain ideals. The way certain artists portray their art is caused by many different techniques. It’s amazing to see my progression through out from week to week through my discussion boards. I even learned something the very first week of class, in the Abbott reflection I stated, “A big theme in this photograph is the use of lines. As we have studied in class lines add a lot of meaning and can be used interchangeably. Also, I like how the
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The people who have a big say in society our famous people, and they are used in a lot of commercial and advertisement to convince their audience that their product is the right product and better than anything else. In my semester project I stated that, “In the Pepsi commercial it featured Nicki Minaj’s song “moment for life.” I love this song and loved seeing her in the commercial ad. The commercial ad I feel like was amplified and gained a lot more viewer’s attention from her being there. This probably raised the profit to see that a “celebrity” such as herself would drink Pepsi. This brings me back to the media and how society views it because Nicki Minaj drinks Pepsi other people may be influenced by her to shape their views on such products.” Using manipulative tactics like this is shown to improve consumer rates. This project also reassured the fact that we are a consumer society. We also watched the dove campaign documentary that showed us what goes on behind the scenes of advertisement. Many people think that people on these make-up and cosmetic advertisements are real. However, many of the models go through a lot Photoshop and makeup trials to achieve this wanted look by society.
4. How has this class informed your identity as a student/artist/world citizen?
This class has helped shaped my identity because it has made me more aware of the