Final Paper CJ 405

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Kristian Juarez
Dec. 11th, 2014
CJ 405 T.TH.

Final Paper

When talking about organized crime, most will talk about the amount of money criminal’s bring in, drugs being used and the amount of murders. Even how much power and respect that comes with being feared as a big time criminal or running the biggest prison gang. But what most people don’t know or talk about is where does the organized crime originate from, how does it grow and why does it get over looked until the crime gets to a point to where the politicians or the country’s military has to step in. Criminal activities are attracting to people living in poverty because of the amount of money that is being made and the respect or fear that is involved. It is a lot easier for people living in poverty or rural areas to turn towards crime for a source of income. Organized crime thrives where there is poverty and is constantly adapting to change. When living in rural, poor areas it is hard to find a source of income especially if you’re an immigrant or a newly released inmate. Poor areas have fewer opportunities to make a living or some sort of income. Highly influenced cities with crime will either attract a person or put fear in them. Its human nature to adapt to your environment and that’s where most people turn to some sort of crime. Even those who don’t turn to criminal activities in high crime areas will usually overlook what’s going on around them because of fear that something will happen to them. Or in other cases areas known for high crime rates and big name criminals usually have police under their “payroll.” Organized crime groups grow in poor areas because of the people that it attracts with what the group can offer. Street gangs and prison gangs are highly known for the “protection” they can bring to one person’s life but also how money driven they are. When recruiting people, crime groups have to make it desirable for others. Limited membership as in not everyone can be a part of the gang makes it more of a secret and therefore desirable for people who are attracted to it. Behind every crime group their main motive is always money. Street gangs such as MS-13 have spread widely throughout the United States. With ties that go as far to Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, even into prisons, makes this group highly attractive to the Latin race. Groups like MS-13 puts fear into people, either” you join or you die” (World’s Most Dangerous Gang). MS-13 operates as an underground business, extorting some of their profits from small businesses’ in exchange for protection and of course drug trafficking. This group is all about profit making more than it is gang banging. All organized crime groups are based on a hierarchy system and in some cases the lowest person will never meet the head of the group. When members from street gangs become incarcerated or regular citizens, the law doesn’t stop them from looking for what motivates them. People in prison don’t stop looking for protection nor do they stop looking for money, if anything that’s where they need it most. Prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood offered protection of course but ran drugs, extortion, and even contract killings from inside. Ran by two head members who called the shots, the Aryan Brotherhood was running a multi-million dollar operation. The AB has everything to offer a prisoner from protection and money. Also provides power and respect that comes with the name being one of the most violent prison gangs that spread throughout America. Whether people who are near street crime or even incarcerated are looking for something that isn’t being offered to them and usually that involves crime. As people continue to join these crime groups crime will continue to grow and adapt to change. Crime is always adapting to change. With criminals always thinking of different ways to get around the law to make money, take care of themselves or family, there is always an