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Executive Summary (Pg. 3)
Who We Are (Pg. 5)
Property Description (Pg. 6)
Product Development (Pg. 9)
Market Analysis (Pg. 16)
Marketing Strategy (Pg. 21)
Financial Analysis (Pg. 23)

Executive Summary
Millican Reserve is a proposed 2,489 acre master development south of College Station that will encompass everything from residential to institutional developments. Our goal is to provide Millican Reserve with Millican Country Club, a focal point for the community. Millican Country Club will be located in “Zone B” of the master planned development and will take up approximately 3.7 acres of the zone, sitting right on the lakeside.
F.F.G. is looking to create an environment for Millican Reserve residents as well as outsiders to come eat, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We envision Millican Country Club to be a destination point for the surrounding communities. Millican Country Club is not you’re your usual country clubs—it only entails the social part of the idea. Because of this, there will be less upfront investment and lower operating costs than a usual golf country club. Everything from morning bible studies, running groups, fitness classes, conferences, banquets, and friendly social gatherings could be held within Millican Country Club. This development will serve as the glue between the residential developments within Millican Reserve and the surrounding communities that wish to be a part of the action.
The total estimated construction costs are outlined and broken on the next page. The information is based on current market rates received from bankers and brokers in Houston, TX – a nearby competitive market. A large benefit of this development is the exclusion of the need for land costs, as Millican Reserve already has possession of the site.

Below is a summary sheet of the financials cash flow from years 1-7. The majority of our revenue is derived from initiation fees, monthly membership dues, as well as Food and Beverage Sales. Throughout the financials the assumption was made that after construction completion there would be a five year holding period before selling to a potential buyer. With an IRR of almost 15.38% and a cash on cash return of 7.41% for the first year of completion, the returns on this project are positive.

Who We Are: F.F.G. has been a successful developer and industry leader for the past ten years with innovative projects throughout Texas and the southern region of the United States. As a fully integrated real estate development company, F.F.G. is passionate about creating a meaningful sense of place and creating a lifestyle experience for the entire community. Our executive team outlined below strives to implement these values in to each project.
Kevin Freels

Kevin Freels received his BBA in Finance and M.S. in Real Estate Finance. With a background in capital markets and a passion for development Kevin heads up financial logistics and concept formulation. As part of the Executive team, Kevin plays a key role in each project taken on by F.F.G.
Jered Groner

Jered Groner received his B.B.A. in Finance and M.S. in Real Estate Finance. Having in depth experience with development and capital lending Jered leads the company in development and overall concept formulation. As part of the Executive Team, Jered plays a key role in each project taken on by F.F.G.
Kole Fuller

Kole Fuller received his B.S. in Urban and Regional Sciences and M.S. in Real Estate Finance. Coming from a career background in commercial development and commercial lending Kole oversees raising equity and debt as well as concept formulation for each development. As part of the Executive Team, Kole plays a key role in each project taken on by F.F.G.
Property Description
College Station
College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas. It is located in East Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley. North of both Houston and Austin,…