Voyage To America Research Paper

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History 140
Final Part 1
Voyage to America

In the year 1720, if I was a poor young woman from East Anglia, 20 years of age and had no family stranded in London I would probably leave and migrate to the New England Colonies. At 20 years of age no one really knows exactly what to do and really doesn’t have enough life experience to make the perfect choice, so id be left with making the best choice possible that I could make. The best choice possible would go to a place with numerous jobs and a colony that would be expanding at a booming rate.

Even though the Dutch first came to what is now Wall Street, or New York. The English really took over and made it a colony of their own. There were plenty of jobs for new comers and they were accepting anyone who was able to work and that would work hard. At this time period in life you would be stupid not to take a job and work hard for it because there was plenty of room for potential.

Not only could you find a job and be involved with trade but the social aspects of life were also growing. Anyone from anywhere willing to work was accepted so that meant there were people from all walks of life at the time.

At this time Christianity was largely the accepted religion in this area. People in this area weren’t necessarily rooted in a specific religion so there were missionaries there that would teach and speak to the open audience. People were more accepting and willing to hear what was said which was